Hakan Bahadır United States 1 posts
Apr 23rd '14

Courses are completely free in
But if you pass the exam and want to get certificate, then you need to pay for certification.

The content of the courses are pretty comprehensive and profesiionally prepared.
I took several courses and appreciate the knowledge I gained in this website. I paid to be certified for one of the courses and recevied a promotion at work immediately.
Briefly, it's worth both the time and money you spend.

Sonya Margiotta United States 1 posts
May 17th '14

How much did you pay for the cert? They're very ellusive about pricing. 

nabbs United States 1 posts
Nov 29th '14

I was just reading about Alison school . And in reading all the comments can you explain to me education should be free. Now please let me explain my self . We have teacher's that do not even take up to time  with our children. We have mother's who want to go to school and can not afford it . My son in law was going to this college and it had .edu. But come to find out they got him student loans and the whole nine yards just find out the school was not worth the name they said they were .You see education is something you learn every day . And if you own a business this school is off the chain . Look at me for example I was ask to open up a hospital in   Africa although I use to be a CNA. Never did this before but I am willing to sit my tail down at the computer and learn . So when I go there I will know what I am talking about . So while school is free let's enjoy it and learn . Have a blessed and wonderful holiday season .

klhopkins United States 1 posts
Dec 4th '14

I just got my diploma in social media marketing. I also have three certificates in other things. They each vary in price. I've seen the certificates at 21-37 but that is euros not dollars. My diploma is 96-115. The higher of all of them being a framed parchment diploma. I might also add that this includes transcripts so that your employer can go online and verify what you say is true.  
Now with that being said, I am a self-employed so these courses suit me. But I do know that from where I live in VA, the VA workforce agency uses Alison to teach classes to adults and help them get better jobs in our area. I also know that Florida does the same. So I thought I would at least put that out there. I don't know how many other states recognize Alison, but it is recognized by some. To me that means something.

Paul Yates United Kingdom 1 posts
Feb 24th '15

They wanted £60 for certificate. RIP OFF

TinkerBaby TTC TTC since Feb 2016; 1 angel baby; Sydney, NS, Australia 1751 posts
Feb 24th '15

I found that the courses were very very outdated. That may not matter for some courses but for anything technology related it matters a lot.

Nikki Bartleson United States 1 posts
Dec 3rd '15

Alison is not know so much for being accredited but being used for continuing education as well as any company can use Alison website to test employees at anytime!!

Justin Sasaki United States 1 posts
Mar 6th '16

Something to keep in mind. All schools and programs start off unaccredited. As it states on Alison's website, there are certain requirements,costs, and monitoring necessary in order to become accredited. While there are online degree programs that exist, I imagine it would be difficult for most online companies to go through the process simply because of their lack of resources. 

With that said, knowledge is power. I'm planning on sitting through a handful of Alison courses, but realize it's more to expand my skill set and knowledge area. As an HR manager, I've found that if you can walk the talk and know your way around whatever job your applying  for (and you've hopefully networked so that people know your ability), then it would be impressive to know that you, as a candidate, have chosen to continue to develop your skill set even after going to school from an accredited university/program.  Depending on the field and the type of work you're planning on going into, Alison might be all you need to get started on that career path. For a larger corporation job, you'll want to stick to their job requirements and most likely need a degree from an accredited program.