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Oct 14th '12

Collins birthday was the 12th. We didnt do anything special just stayed home, made a cake and opened presents. The day before we made cupcakes for his daycare so he could celebrate with his friends. Wish I had enough money to throw him a party BUT the 13th he was invited to a Jumpin Jakes party so he kind of celebrated there lol.

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E8143773-AB86-48FC-9F44-112DC29BA046-102He loves the Advengers ... so a shirt he got for his birthday :)
337ED6F9-D0B6-4016-8338-3E689D7DDFB5-102He believes hes Captain America lol

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Oct 14th '12

aw he's so cute and looks like a sweetie! from the smiles it looks like he had a good birthday! :)