My 6 yr old and Christmas Mama Karma [34 weeks] Due August 11 (boy); 34 kids; Florida 610 posts
Oct 14th '12

Pintrest & tumblr gave me a great idea for christmas:

want - An American Girl Doll
need - New Bike
wear - 4 Outfits (each comes with a matching outfit for a doll)
read - Disney Princess I Spy

Mrs. Curtis 1 child; Lompoc, California 1996 posts
Oct 14th '12

i had an american girl baby doll when i was 3 and they are still in great condition.. if taken care of they are amazing but omg i looked up the prices to buy my neice one (i had a son and plan on keeping my dolls for if/when i have a girl) thy are expensive! build a bear clothes fit on the dolls if you want to find more affordable doll clothes. over the years i collected a ton of outfits for my dolls and only 2 are from the actual american girl series