What is your kids "go to" food MonkeyMel 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 26779 posts
Oct 12th '12

The food that they will eat whenever? My LO's is a slice of bread dipped in ranch. Just plain wheat bread and ranch dressing, lol. That's all he wants for breakfast this morning and I often give it to him with a meal if I'm not sure he's going to eat/like it all. What are your kids favorite foods? Are they weird like mine?

Nothing But Pink! Due April 17 (girl); 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Maryland 7448 posts
Oct 12th '12

Cheese sticks!

Audreyymichelle Due June 14; 1 child; Delaware 2334 posts
Oct 12th '12

DD will only eat spaghetti or pasta of any kind, pizza, mashed potatoes. And pepperonis some times that's all she wants

I♥RYLEIGH Due March 3; 1 child; 5 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10504 posts
Oct 12th '12

My brother eats ranch on EVERYTHING. Noodles and butter or noodles and ranch were his go to food when we were growing up lol

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
Oct 12th '12

Carbs. Whatever it is. If it's an awesome carb, they'll eat it. They take after me.

user banned 4 kids; 00000, WE, Malta 68658 posts
Oct 12th '12

Yogurt, bananas, Nutella on something, or these fruit buddy things

Booger & Bubba's Mommy 18 kids; Illinois 8136 posts
Oct 12th '12

Pizza, Mac & cheese, biscuits& gravy, cheese sticks, bread, & apples.

They aren't super picky but neither one cares for dinner usually.

~RJ~DG~AS~ 3 kids; Conroe, Texas 16669 posts
Oct 12th '12

Home made baked chicken nuggets breaded in goldfish crackers and carrots

B♥Z 2 kids; Williamsport, Maryland 14245 posts
Oct 12th '12

Most "breakfast" foods actually

MonkeyMel 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 26779 posts
Oct 12th '12
Quoting Jerri _:" Yogurt, bananas, Nutella on something, or these fruit buddy things"

The pouch fruit things? I can not get LO to eat them. He's only tried it once and didn't like it and now refuses them. They'd be so convenient too! Oh-well.

☆Mrs. Mathers☆ 3 kids; Greenway, OH, United States 26554 posts
Oct 12th '12

some things my DD will eat whenever are...mozzarella sticks, spaghetti, shrimp, bologna & salami sandwiches with ketchup, broccoli, mac & cheese...

*Turtles* 2 kids; Someplace, UT, United States 6098 posts
Oct 12th '12

Although my LO is only 14 months, his go-to food is string cheese. He knows where it's stored every time I open the fridge he runs to it.

Mandee ♥ 2 kids; Fresno, CA, United States 1132 posts
Oct 12th '12

Fruit. Bread. Pasta. Fries. Cheese.

*B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16283 posts
Oct 12th '12

Cheese. Seriously, and Ramon Noodles.

JoAnna &hearts's Jett 2 kids; Midlothian, TX, United States 7992 posts
Oct 12th '12

Cheese. Or avocados. Lol