!!!!!!ATTENTION ALL MAY MOMMIES!!!! BROOKLYNS young mommy Due March 6 (girl); 1 child; Jamaica, New York 180 posts
Mar 5th '08

hello how are yall doing today. my reson for this post is because im going to be 30 weeks as of thursday 3/6/08 and i still dont feel like my bump has cought up with the date. i know they say that 1st time mommies dont pop so suddenly but when is my belly goin to look like im 7 months i feel like i only look about 5-6 months when i look at other girls .should i chill or ask my doc whats goin on at my OB tomorrow.

Hannah will be here soon! 4 kids; Bristol, CT, United States 7690 posts
Mar 5th '08

Well you should get measured at every appt and that should tell you if ur belly & baby is growing at the right rate. so i would ask the doc.

BROOKLYNS young mommy Due March 6 (girl); 1 child; Jamaica, New York 180 posts
Mar 5th '08

no they do .......... they never said any thing is wrong you know they will let you know that in a heart beat but um i think its just me ........... i put on my clothes from last summer and they surley dont fit AT ALL i dunno maybe its just me but the babys fine.....

MommaMayBaby 1 child; Iowa 127 posts
Mar 5th '08

I know what you mean... I don't feel like I'm big at all, and it doesn't help that my friends are saying the same thing, but then again, they are really jealous. :)
At my last appointment on the 26th of Feb when I was 30 weeks exactly, the doctor said that I was measuring at 29 weeks. As long as the doctor doesn't say that he/she is concerned, you're fine.

Sheannon 1 child; Ballwin, Missouri 189 posts
Mar 5th '08

I am 7 months pregnant and am also a first time mommy... I don't think my belly is very big either forbeingdue in 2 months and compared to other pregnant women but my doctor tells me the babyis perfect size and everythinglooks good... sounless the doctorhas any concernsI wouldn't be worried about it. Theywould tell you if there were any but atyour next appointment just ask!

Juniors Mommy 1 child; California 122 posts
Mar 5th '08

i will be 29 weeks on friday ....i feel like my belly is really not that big.....but now when i go out people actually notice that i am preagnant...this started like 4 weeks yeh i still dont feel big at all....:.My hubby also told me that i am starting to show more now...I would feel like that before...i was so anxious to start showing....But when you think about a way it is actually a GOOd thing :D....You wont get so big and this might prevent you from getting all those stretch marks...:wink::wink:

Allie Fletcher 1 child; Colorado 6 posts
Mar 5th '08

I just entered into my 30th week with my second baby and A LOT bigger than my sister in law who is due a month after me. This is her first baby and she just got out of her skinny clothes but still is too small for maternity. I was told by my doctor that first time moms don't show as much as vetran moms. I wouldn't worry about it. If the docs were concerned, they would let you know. And the funny thing is when strangers ask me how far a long I am and I tell them, they usually exclaim "Wow! You are so small for being that far along!" I doubt most of them have had babies! LOL

fairymama 18 kids; Ohio 1136 posts
Mar 5th '08

I am enormous and it is really uncomfortable! Wanna trade?

000024 Due December 2; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Denver, Colorado 672 posts
Mar 5th '08
Quoting fairymama:
cherylc 3 kids; Ontario 36 posts
Mar 6th '08

With my frist i was so tiny right up untill 1 month before i had her, this time round with number 4 i am HUGE.... i started at 130 and am at 172.... but yah dont worry the doc will let u know if they think anything is not right... hang in there not much longer to go and just think you have alot less weight to loose afterwards!!!!

tinkybratt3 2 kids; Connecticut 3 posts
Mar 6th '08

Don't worry about it too much is easier said than done. I'm due with my 3rd boy on May 15th and I only recently ( past 2 weeks) looked like I was "supposed" to look at this time in the pregnancy. It really had me nervous because with my other 2 boys I not only showed right away, but I had gained wieght like crazy. So far I've gained only 13lbs with this one. I was nervous myself, but my Doctor keeps reassuring me that the baby is healthy and that you will carry each child differently. All 3 for me have been TOTALLY different. As long as you're eating healthy, taking your pre-natal vitamins, and your doctor isn't concerned than feel lucky because your next child could make you utterly uncomfortable. :)

Flea's mommy Due July 18 (girl); 1 child; Guinea 289 posts
Mar 6th '08

O wow, I was showing before i even knew i was preggy - ok i was very bloated but it never stopped and i am now huge..... Everyone says "so when are you due?" and I say begining of May they all say "wow that is a big baby, hey" well no she isn;t really she is right, I go for my scan on the 12 where they will measure and weigh her and see how big she will be on B - day..... Being huge is beautifull i love my big tummy, but my feet hate me....

*Amelie* mama of 3 girls 3 kids; Georgia 31 posts
Mar 6th '08

Hey girl...Don't worry about it, if you get mesured every months and the OB is not concerned, then you are fine! I'm on my third and with all three I didn't really start poping out untill I was like 6 months. Even now I'm almost 32 weeks and when I tell people I'm that far along, they don't believe it. I'm tall and fairly slim to start with, and I just think that my babies have room to spread out instead of poking out as much.
Once again if the doctor had any worries he would do an ultrasound. For my second I mesured kind of smallso they did an ultrasound at 7 months to make sure there was enough fluid and everything was fine.
Also, eventhoughmy they were bothoverdue, the first one was only 5.8 and second barely reached the 6 pounds. So maybe you'll have a little baby too. Much easier to give birth to.:wink:
Good luck to you!

Almost 3 2 kids; California 24 posts
Mar 6th '08

I wouldn't worry, you should actually consider yourself lucky that you haven't gain so much weight. I just turned 7 months and I look like I am due any day, I get that alot and it makes me mad. As long as your doctor says your okay, don't worry about it. The 9 month is when you will see a big difference. Take care and good luck!

DivineKT 1 child; Oregon City, Oregon 1719 posts
Mar 6th '08

I'm 32 weeks and I have been the same baby bump size since like 20 weeks ! I still look just extra fat. :( My clothes fit tigher... but its still not a good baby bump