So fat can't hear my babys heartbeat HanaM Due August 23 (girl); Florida 25 posts
May 14th '11

I don't know what to do...only at the doctors after a while he mange to find the hearbeat..a simple doppler is not working 4 me....
i'm so ahamed...any suggetions?

user banned Virginia 25418 posts
May 14th '11

How far along are you?
Because it's not uncommon to not be able to hear it until 14+ weeks.

Monster Max and Destry's 3 kids; Xenia, Ohio 9299 posts
May 14th '11

I mean if they can't find it because you are overweight, maybe lose a little? I don't know what other suggestion to give. I'm sorry if that seemed rude, that was not my intentions.

♥Manda♥ Sunnydale, CA, United States 29485 posts
May 14th '11

if the doctor found the heartbeat then i'm sure bubs fine, even if it took a while to get it is probably just the way bub is positioned at the moment

4ever changed [+1] 15 kids; 46082 posts
May 14th '11

It could be you are too early
and baby is so small
dont be hard on yourself

Kimbolina 33 kids; San Antonio, Texas 2757 posts
May 14th '11

I always had a little trouble finding my son's heart beat, and I was pretty small when I was pregnant. The doctor always had to look for it, as well.
A lot of it has to do with baby's position. Don't beat yourself up!

Miss. Dee. ox Due July 3 (girl); 3 kids; Hartford, Vermont 4516 posts
May 14th '11

I'm 13 weeks & we just BARELY heard it.. not even enough to just sit there.

I'm overweight too... I find it hard to believe your "too fat" to hear it.

I think baby is just too early to hear it.

Shawna ♡ 1 child; Illinois 3306 posts
May 14th '11

I was around 180 when I got preg, and at 12 wks they couldnt hear it with a doppler, but at my u/s they could. Just wait a bit? If it's in there you will hear it eventually.

Peter Pan 2 kids; Florida 3114 posts
May 14th '11

I wouldn't worry.. i actually just got a home doppler, ha, and used it for the first time 15 min.s ago. It's not that easy to find it, it took me a little bit. But I wouldn't worry :)

Brittany ♥ Viggo 1 child; Michigan 3112 posts
May 14th '11

I couldn't find my LO's heartbeat at home with a doppler, even going into my 7th month. Don't stress yourself about it!

user banned 2 kids; United Kingdom 3029 posts
May 14th '11
Quoting Ravey Candyass:" Yes. let's tell the girl who is already upset to loser weight while she's pregnant."


loopybex123 Due January 18; United Kingdom 631 posts
May 14th '11

Dont be stupid and try to loose weight while your pregnant! There are loads of reasons why they wouldnt be able to hear it... maybe your baby's just been a little tinker and turned in a funny position... im a big lass and im not going to be going on any sort of diet while im pregnant... Monster Max's mamma... it must be loverly to be perfect while pregnant :)

HanaM Due August 23 (girl); Florida 25 posts
May 14th '11

thank u for your comments they mean a lot..i actually have anoter doctors appointment tommorow i will ask him for a healty eating doc..:-)
hope it goes well..

Mommyto3boys1girl 4 kids; Wisconsin 351 posts
May 14th '11

don't be hard on yourself. Usally you dont hear the heartbeat until 10 wks or later. it could be how he/she is position (spelling) .. im sure your baby just fine :)
congrats on being preggos :)

Monster Max and Destry's 3 kids; Xenia, Ohio 9299 posts
May 14th '11
Quoting Ravey Candyass:" Yes. let's tell the girl who is already upset to lose weight while she's pregnant."

I said I wasn't being rude. It was an honest suggestion. And it isn't unhealthy to lose weight while pregnant if you do it right by eating healthy and doing light work outs. My aunt was told to lose weight during her pregnancy by her OBGYN, she lost about 20 lbs and her baby came out perfect.