I miss you user banned
Jan 1st '11

Tomorrow will be the 5th anniversary of my father's death. He was ill for a long time, hardly knew who I was for most of it, and suffered greatly. His passing was a relief to me, because he wasn't suffering, and neither was I.

I had been his caregiver, and I was still a child. It was selfish of me.

Now, 5 years later, I have a gorgeous daughter and a wonderful husband (who did meet my father, years ago when we first dated).

And he didn't get to see me get married. He will never meet my daughter.

I miss you so much, every day, and I wish you could be here with us. I wish you could hold my baby girl, and I wish you could have given me away when Daniel and I got married.

I wish you had been there for Mama when she had her surgery yesterday, since I could not be.

I love you papa!

Jerry Brake
July 4, 1943 - January 2, 2006

KT[Lecie&Kaiah) 4 kids; New Mexico 6836 posts
Jan 1st '11

aww I'm sorry for you loss.