Dreams of loved ones? .:Stacy Renee:. 19 kids; Ohio 6585 posts
Dec 30th '10

A really good friend of mine committed suicide back in July, 3 days before my daughters 3rd Birthday :cry: It was super hard to go through. So unexpected & unbelievable.

About a week after he passed I had this dream about him. He showed up at our school auditorium during some kind of school function (I've been graduated for 6 years & him 7 years lol). As soon as I seen him I ran up to him & threw my arms around him & all he kept saying is "I'm okay Stacy". I woke up in tears because a dream had never felt so real & I would of given anything to have seen that smile one last time! I took this dream as his way of coming through to me to let me know that he is okay. I can still replay that dream in my head like I just woke up 5 minutes ago.

Last night I kept dreaming about him over & over. I would wake up & as soon as I would fall back asleep, there he was. It was so good seeing his face but I've been so sad all day today :(

They say loved ones will come through to you in dreams a lot of times. I was wondering if anyone has experienced dreams of some sort where they feel as though a loved one was communicating with them?

Amanda♥Aiden's mom Due September 9; TTC since Oct 2014; 1 child; Oklahoma 3686 posts
Dec 30th '10

i have dreams like that all the time with the loved ones i have lost. i think it's my minds way of dealing with the pain.

Faylynn&JesselynsMomma! Due April 16 (girl); 17 kids; Pasadena, Texas 4417 posts
Dec 30th '10

My uncle passed away November 26th, 2007; I was 16 weeks pregnant with Fay.
I found him passed away in his bed, & it was very traumatizing for me.
Considering I was VERY close to him, like my father.

a few months later, I had a dream about him.
We were going hunting, in a forest. it seemed so real.
We sat down & actually talked about things.
Like a father/daughter conversation.
He told me he was very proud of me & that my daughter was a beautiful little girl who looked exactly like me. [I was still pregnant when this dream happened]

I've had alot of dreams with him in there, he always comes to talk to me.
except for a few, he stands in the back & just smiles at me.
Like he's reassuring me, he's there & he still loves me.
I miss him, & I wish he could be here.
These dreams are the only little piece I have to actually be able to talk to him.

IMO, it is them coming to us, it's the only way we see them.

.:Stacy Renee:. 19 kids; Ohio 6585 posts
Dec 30th '10
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.:Stacy Renee:. 19 kids; Ohio 6585 posts
Dec 30th '10
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Faylynn&JesselynsMomma! Due April 16 (girl); 17 kids; Pasadena, Texas 4417 posts
Dec 30th '10
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Annsmom 19 kids; Louisiana 395 posts
Dec 30th '10

I dream of my mom while I am pregnant.Thats when my dreams started.I was 19 and pregnant just after I lost my mom.I went through a rough time.I dreamed about her so much.But they weren't good dreams at the beginning, I thought she left us didnt want us anymore.Stuff like that.Then after I accepted her death.I had dreams(about the time i started having morning sickness) that she would hold me and comfort me.I try to always think of that moment.It was like she was really there holding me.

.:Stacy Renee:. 19 kids; Ohio 6585 posts
Dec 30th '10
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Dec 31st '10

When my grandfather passed away, I had a dream that he was in his recliner when I got home from school. And I hugged him, and he grew wings and flew into a portal in the ceiling.

Since Michael passed, I dream about him often. A lot of the times we just hug and talk. The most outstanding dream, though, was I was in a mansion and I walked into a room with just a mattress. He was laying there, and I said "Michael!" and ran to him. And he kept saying "You won't believe what I did!" and I told him I knew, and then he told me everything that happened.