Didn't know I was pregnant till I miscarried Tibby13 Due August 21; 17 kids; Idaho 112 posts
Dec 7th '10

I am still trying to wrap my head around this. We weren't trying for another baby yet and I didn't know I was pregnant till it was over. I want to tell some one but I don't know that I want to tell friends and family yet. I started having pain friday but because I have been on birth control for almost 3 months I didn't even think I was pregnant. The pain came in waves and was similar to the contractions I had when I was hospitalized with my daughter (28weeks) still didn't think about it till I passed it. I called my doctor who pretty much told me to just rest and take Tylenol and let it finish passing. She said if the bleeding got worse or didn't stop after a few days to come in so she can check me. Any one else have something like this? How did you deal with it? What did you feel/think? How long did you bleed?

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Dec 7th '10
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Zoom Zoom Zoom! {MBRD} Due April 30 (boy); 18 kids; 1 angel baby; Bridgeport, California 27411 posts
Dec 7th '10

I miscarried once for sure. In retrospect, there is another time I'm pretty damn sure that I miscarried before I knew I was pregnant. In the for-sure case, I had cramps so badly that I couldn't walk much for a few days and I was miserable. Kinda like the few days before you give birth. I bled for longer then a cycle too

xxmeluhkneexo Due December 28 (girl); 4 kids; Katy, TX, United States 3345 posts
Dec 7th '10

I knew I was pregnant. But I also knew from the beginning I would miscarry (didn't make it any less painful).

I cramped for a while then it felt like a constant contraction that wouldn't let up. In fact I would much rather go through L&D again and again than feel the intense, non stop pain of my miscarriage. I bled for 2 days and finally went in when I started losing clots (sorry TMI) and I got a d&c done.

meeeeeeeeee Egypt 47430 posts
Dec 7th '10

I have had it happen twice, I did not know until i went to the doctors for bleeding and pain. The first one it was not reality for me, it happened but I did not know how to feel about it... I was not sure how I was supposed to feel about it. I however got over it quick. I was on BC, I did not expect it, The second one, it hit me hard.... I knew the timing was not right but I was still upset when I found out. I think DH took it harder then I did really after I told him....
I think I feel more sad about them now then I did when it happened, as I want another baby.
I am sorry for the loss hun...and I wish you the best.

Rebeccaaaa<3 Due March 2 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Taylorsville, North Carolina 14987 posts
Dec 7th '10

i had a miscarriage back in september, I knew I was pregnant, and I kept getting this feeling I was going to miscarry. :? at 6 weeks along the baby stopped growing, at 7 weeks ..well I was sopose to be 7 weeks I started to bleed and it was like a regualr flow it lasted a day longer then I usually bleed but I only cramped for a day and thats the day I passed the baby. :cry: and I bled for like 2 days after and it stopped. It hurt, it still does, because now i'm worrying alot about losing this one too. and it hurts. :? :cry: I'm so sorry this happened to you. I wish no woman has to go through this pain. It is a sucky situation. :? I'm so so sorry. I hope you feel better soon. :( <3

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Dec 7th '10
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ashagnd Japan 1 posts
Sep 26th '12

I miscarried before I knew I was pregnant and I am shocked at how sad I feel about it.

impriceless United States 1 posts
Sep 29th '14

I was a week and a half late until yesterday Istarted bleeding brown just a little out of tthe blue really thought I was pregnant but this happened and then today it was worse it was like watery and clots with other stuff so not sure what's going on but I feel sick like weak and dizzy... 

ashleyyrosee TTC since Jun 2014; United States 36 posts
Oct 9th '14

This happened to me I didn't know I was pregnant and thought that I was just having my period but it was horrible cramping and overly bleeding for two days . so I went to the er and that when I found out . it was of course devastating and really hit hard especially cuz I didn't even know  but as time passed it got a little better to cope with. Even though its still bothersome . i didn't even tell any one until a few yrs later  except of course like my parents . so that's completely up to you and how you Feel keep your head  up and stay strong . I know its hard but it will get better