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Nov 9th '10

Had a Check up today!! Im 10wks 1day.. I got to hear the baby's Heart Beat. it was 170!!!! And I went to get an u/s for the disabilities well the office schedualed me too soon. But its ok Got to see the baby anyway. She even did a 4d sono!!!! It was awesome. Baby was SOOO Active moving like crazy. Ill go in 2wks for the sono to check for the disabilities. but they said so far everything looks great! and if everything turns out good in 2 weeks and she does a 4d again is a small chance we may see if its a boy or girl but will be 100% sure in Jan...Im so in Love
My little Alien

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Nov 9th '10

awww good luck with everything

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Nov 9th '10

OMG how adorable! When I went in for my first U/S I thought I was 6 weeks and when I saw it I was like "isn't that a little big for 6 weeks" and the OB says "Yep, you're about 10 weeks" I was like :shock: well, there's another month down! I had 3D st 34 weeks

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Nov 9th '10

lol wish i could see the pics this pc doesnt allow. sounds like a girl from hr!