Due May 27th. Lisa Woodland Due May 26; 2 kids; Muskegon, Michigan 2 posts
Nov 8th '10

I'm looking for a due date buddy. Anyone feel free to add me but the more we have in common the better. I'm 28 years old, married, and already have 2 boys. They are 8 and 5. We are expecting out 3rd on May 27th, 2011. :) hope to gain a few buddies. :) :)

♥ Katie ♥ 18 kids; Burnley, United Kingdom 11617 posts
Nov 8th '10

My EDD is May 25th, but thats not been confirmed yet because i havent had an ultrasound yet.
Im almost 22 and i have 1 daughter that is 2 :)

~*Wibbly Wobbly*~ 4 kids; Kansas 3041 posts
Nov 8th '10

My first 2 were may babies :) I loved having them in the spring . My 3rd was a June baby now I am having a winter baby.... so out of my element hehehe.

Good luck mama :)

Jennie T TTC since Apr 2012; 4 kids; North Carolina 197 posts
Nov 8th '10

I have 3 sons. my oldest is 6 years old my second son is 19 months old and my youngest is 8 months old I am due with our 4th baby on May 14th

Erica McConnell Due May 23; 1 child; Indiana 1 posts
Nov 8th '10

Im due May 14th with my 2nd. Ive got a 4 yr old daughter.

Jodi Frazee Due April 24 (boy); 35 kids; West Virginia 1 posts
Nov 8th '10

I am due May 2nd. i have 3 children already. 2 boys and 1 girl.

Brandi Rote Due May 21; North Carolina 1 posts
Nov 8th '10

I am due May 22 with my first child. So excited we tried for almost a year before conceiving!