Woah , Lil B ♥ California 270 posts
Nov 6th '10

lately i've been feeling my baby move alot :) then this morning when i went to go pee all of a sudden my baby got hard & he was tighting up on one side of my stomach i have never felt that feeling before in my life i didnt hurt that bad but it took my breath away lol for a second .. does your baby get hard on one side of you tummy , what are they doing to get so hard like that ? :?

3 Men and a Crazy Lady 2 kids; Washington 4402 posts
Nov 6th '10

Could it have been a braxton hicks contraction? Because that can feel like the baby is rolling up into a ball

Lisaaaaaaaaaaaa Due March 9 (girl); 1 child; California 4544 posts
Nov 6th '10

My LO does that all the time. Im not sure. Braxton Hicks??
Or there just cuddled up on that side.

Mom to L&L Due March 22; 18 kids; Virginia 6712 posts
Nov 6th '10

Sounds like Braxton hicks

malibu. 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 6351 posts
Nov 6th '10
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