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Nov 5th '10

I can't believe i'm 30 weeks along!!!! The time is really flying by and baby girl will be here so soon. I most likely won't deliver on my due date....It's been a high risk pregnancy since the first trimester and now in the 3rd trimester I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So there is a higher chance of me delivering her earlier than the due date and i have a strong feeling that will happen. But i'm doing everything i can to keep myself healthy and to keep her healthy and safe.. and will continue to do so up until delivery.
I'm now finally at that point where i'm REALLY starting to prepare for her, i set up the crib, changing table, rearranged her bedroom, have been washing all her clothes. My baby shower is on Sunday and i'm so excited!
I am just so excited <3 This pregnancy has been a pain in the ass, especially for being my first child, but it's completely worth it... i can't wait to hold her in my arms. =)

thanks for letting me ramble!