About Babies and.... -Christina- Due August 15 (twins); Ciudad de México, Mexico 3029 posts
Nov 5th '10

well we have 4 1/2 month old twins and we just got a kitten, now i heard of toxoplasmosis and i know that it is dangerous while you are pregnant but..once a baby is already born...i know they say people can catch it...what happen if a baby catches it? after they are already born is what i mean.

You had me at hello. Due August 19; 1 child; Columbus, OH, United States 3408 posts
Nov 5th '10

keep the baby away from cat poop..?

that's all i can think of , lol.

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Nov 5th '10

just dont let them play in the litter box or let the cat walk on them where it might get in their mouth, no brainer. I have had cats my whole life and when I got tested for ti when I was preg I didn't have it, so i dont think it's that contagious.