3d/4d ultrasounds Kitty Katt 2 kids; Dallas, Texas 752 posts
Nov 5th '10

For those of you who had one, how much did you pay for your 3d/4d ultrasound. Did you think it was worth it?

I'm thinking about getting one done just for gender determination. They say I am having a girl but I just feel really paranoid that I will have the baby it it will actually be a boy. I am scared to but anything. lol Silly, I know.

Around here they cost about $100. My OB/GYN's office charges $200 :shock:

existentialism 2 kids; Texas 16990 posts
Nov 5th '10

I am going to Stork Vision Frisco! My appt is on the 13th. I heard LOTS of good things about them.. That they take more time than you actually pay for, they are very nice and etc. They have a 'gender plus' package that is 2D and some 3D for $80! Here's the page:

Jenn [+Fat Kid] 17 kids; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 16931 posts
Nov 5th '10

I paid $120 for a really nice one done at a place that just did ultrasounds and $80 at my OB's that sucked. I thought it was worth it. Definitely cool. But I wouldn't pay that much for a gender determination.

Life is G♡♡d 21 kids; 16475 posts
Nov 5th '10
Quoting Sebastian's Momma:
Momma x 2 18 kids; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 1372 posts
Nov 5th '10

I paid $129, it was awesome and WAYworth it. My u/s was about 45 minutes long. I got a DVD and a CD with about 75 pictures on it. They also printed 10 pictures out for gifts. I'm planning to do it every regrets.

Mrs.Evans007 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 535 posts
Nov 5th '10

i did one with my first, my doctor included it for the 20 week and 33 weeks scans i had, with insurance i paid like 300 out of pocket for both. With this pregnancy i have a different doctor who doesnt have 3-d and also charges alot for a regular not even clear ultrasound. so i made an appointment for Tuesday at a local company that does a cool package for 3-4D with live dvd and pictures for 30 minutes-its costing us $99, i think it will be worth it.