....What do you think.... -Christina- Due August 15 (twins); Ciudad de México, Mexico 3029 posts
Nov 5th '10

My father passed away wednesday night in his home from cancer.....all of his loved ones were by his side, even including my 4 month old husband was holding my twin father was unresponsive for 2 days...could not talk...could not move....the night he died....he took a deep breathe...stopped for 10 seconds...another deep breathe stopped again...then he took his last breathe which was very very deep and slow...and as he was taking his last breathe he closed his eyes a mouth for a second slowly moved over to the side...and passed away...and the same second my father took his last breathe my sons body stiffened up, legs and arms sticking straight out and he made a loud gasp face turned red and then he cryed for a second and that was it...everyone was so shocked at what had seemed so strange....what do you think this ment?

GirlsHaveCOOTIES 5 kids; Bonnyville, AB, Canada 15354 posts
Nov 5th '10

I think he knew what was going on... Im so sorry for your loss.

Member removed Casa Grande, Arizona 3494 posts
Nov 5th '10

Maybe baby boy had a close connection to his grandpa and understood what was happening? I am sorry for your loss.

xilwolx 6 kids; New York, ny, United States 20879 posts
Nov 5th '10

Or maybe he felt his soul passing out of his body. Babies are more sensitive to supernatural. Sounds like your father had a very calm passing, so good to hear about in this day and age.

Sometimes babies are just more aware anyway of whats going on around them. Maybe he was more aware of what was going on.

-Christina- Due August 15 (twins); Ciudad de México, Mexico 3029 posts
Nov 5th '10

thank you all.