Due March 9th Toni Pfister Due March 8; Georgia 1 posts
Oct 30th '10

This is my 3rd child and another march baby

babymakinmachine 3 kids; Kentucky 4436 posts
Oct 30th '10

aww, I am pregnant with number 3 too. My first was born in May, second born in June and third is due in July. HA HA

user banned California 1361 posts
Oct 30th '10

I am due March 3rd.

Made in Peru Due March 2; 17 kids; Antwerpen, Belgium 70 posts
Oct 31st '10

This is my second baby and im also due March 3rd!!! :-)

Kelsey Harvey Due March 8; Tennessee 3 posts
Nov 3rd '10

oh awesome, im due march 9th as well!
will be my first, a little girl :)