March'11 Mommy's: are you gonna find out what ur having? - 2 kids; Minnesota 404 posts
Oct 1st '10

I'm due March 21st, and we're hoping for a boy! But this time around we are gonna wait to find out! I have an ultrasound in 3 weeks! If we see what baby is of course we'll know, but we're gonna wait otherwise!

Are you gonna find out?

Captain Mommy TTC since Mar 2012; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Oklahoma 15527 posts
Oct 1st '10

I wasn't going to until my SO got back from Afghanistan to find out with me :cry:

Kohners & Kayleighs Mommy 34 kids; Conroe, Texas 9214 posts
Oct 1st '10

Im having a GIRL!!!

Username_____ 2 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 9722 posts
Oct 1st '10

i am keeping it a surprise this time!!

kaylaB. Due March 2 (boy); 2 kids; Cleveland, Tennessee 1353 posts
Oct 1st '10

I'm DEFINITELY going to find out.
I think my whole family would shoot me if i kept it a surprise and my grandma is already buying boy AND girl things, mostly blankets.
We're hoping for a girl this time since we already have our little boy.

ETA: I think i already know that i'm having another boy though. I'll be happy either way!

Hot Mamma In Training 2 kids; Colorado 5078 posts
Oct 1st '10

Looks like my due date is getting moved to March 31st, and nope we are "Team Green" we didnt find out with #1 either.

Lacy Jane Dale Due March 18; North Carolina 2 posts
Oct 3rd '10

My husband and i are expecting baby #2 and we both want to know what the sex is. We are hoping for a little girl this time!!

Stacia Johnson Due March 30; United Kingdom 1 posts
Oct 3rd '10

This is Baby #1 and seeing as boys are all that are born on my hubby's side, we are going to find out. We are hoping for a girl!! :D

Nikki Louise Due March 18; United Kingdom 1 posts
Oct 3rd '10

im keepin it a surprise this time as last time i found out n think this time it would be a nice surprise to find out wat im having

Courtney Henning Due March 21; Appleton, Wisconsin 1 posts
Oct 3rd '10

yes we are!!1 i want to know cause i want a boy, but my husband doesnt want to know but i do so i can decorate and everything.

Tifanie Clabaugh Due August 11 (boy); 33 kids; Reno, Nevada 81 posts
Oct 3rd '10

yeah i probably am :] babys dad isnt really in my picture anymore but i know i wanna find out :D

Jessie Sweeney Due March 22 (girl); 1 child; Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania 3 posts
Oct 4th '10

We are going to find out because we already have a girl and are hoping for a boy. During my first pregnancy they told us we were having a boy until I got into my 8th month and they told us they made a mistake and we were actually having a girl! It didn't actually matter tho because I thought it was a girl so that was what we bought and registered for! :P

Jennifer Nunez Lee Due March 13; San Leandro, California 19 posts
Oct 4th '10
Quoting Stacia Johnson:
JenMiller87 Due February 28 (girl); 1 child; Monticello, Florida 1 posts
Oct 4th '10

I'm due March 1,2011 and we just found out that baby #2 is also a girl!

ARiANNAS MOMMMYYY* 1 child; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 4 posts
Oct 5th '10

im due march 22nd and i find out oct. 25th! i cant waiiitt!!!