August 19th, 2010 RIP baby Charlie .|.. Beverly Hills, California 72000 posts
Aug 19th '10

Bailey, just texted me to let me know that Charlotte Mae (aka Charlie) has passed away.

If you dont know the background story, read Baileys profile.

Bailey is beside herself and currently "Laying on a table, waiting for them to tell me what to do"

RIP baby Charlie.

ETA: Ill update you as she updates me.

UPDATE: "(she will be delivered) on monday... i have to carry her the weekend this isnt fair.."

Fri'Chickeneisha Due October 8; 2 kids; 5 angel babies; Ocean City, Maryland 2451 posts
Aug 19th '10

oh no :( what a tragic story :(

they are in my thoughts and prayers today

Larry! 2 kids; Pennsylvania 13234 posts
Aug 19th '10

omg that is so sad, I remember reading her profile before. My thoughts are with her :( poor girl

user banned -, -, United Kingdom 75061 posts
Aug 19th '10

Awww :( I remember reading her profile... My thoughts are with her.

Hollenengel 5 kids; Sacramento, California 38006 posts
Aug 19th '10
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Rebecca Lacy 1 child; Utah 3304 posts
Aug 19th '10

Omg.. i couldn't imagine... :(

RIP poor baby

user banned Maine 14450 posts
Aug 19th '10


Tickled Pink or Blue! 1 child; North Carolina 4669 posts
Aug 19th '10

I am so sorry to hear this. RIP, sweet Charlie. Many prayers for Bailey.

Bangarang 10 kids; Muthafuckin, GA, United States 27083 posts
Aug 19th '10

That gave me chills. RIP baby and my condolences to Bailey. She's a strong woman and I hope she's able to get through this :cry:

*fsdf* 3 kids; Hopedale, Ohio 1389 posts
Aug 19th '10

omg thats awful :cry: my prayers are with her

HwithasideofP Due December 8; 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 5923 posts
Aug 19th '10

This is terrible :(
RIP Charlie

res.ree LOLCATJSSTCTBAG TTC since Sep 2002; 3 kids; Nimrod, Montana 31617 posts
Aug 19th '10


Crazy one 3 kids; California 17058 posts
Aug 19th '10

I can't imagine what she is going through right now

OGDirtyLurker 3 kids; Ada, Oklahoma 35200 posts
Aug 19th '10

what? omg I was so hoping this wouldn't happy. i'm so upset for her.

Queen Aries Baby 1 child; Orlando, Florida 12052 posts
Aug 19th '10

omgggggg i just left her a comment asking how she was.... :cry::cry::cry: RIP CHARLIE MAE