Pregnancy after miscarriage AvasMommy52008 Due July 9 (boy); 17 kids; Michigan 199 posts
Aug 14th '10

Hi Everyone,
My husband and I had a miscarraige on April 19th, 2010. We have started trying to have another baby last month, and I am pretty sure that it did not happen this month. I know that it usually doesn't happen the first time, but I just feel really horrible. I think the fact that we want another child more than anything, and I feel like it's going to take us a very long time to concieve. With our last pregnancy that ended in miscarraige, we concieved on the first try. I think I was just hoping for the same this time. Our daughter Ava is 27 months old and we are wanting to give her a sibling and are hoping it happens fast.
How do I stay positive and not want to cry when we are not successful?

Sorry, I am not trying to make this a blog to complain. I know we are very blessed to have a great marraige and have a great daughter. I am just looking for some encouragement.

Mama♥Tina TTC since Mar 2015; 2 kids; Monroe, Michigan 2932 posts
Aug 14th '10

*** sending some baby dust your way***** good luck mama!

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Aug 14th '10

baby dust to you!

Little Monster Mummy 30+ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Tyngsboro, MA, United States 1926 posts
Aug 14th '10

gl mama, hope it happens for you soon

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Aug 14th '10

i went though 2 losses before this one good luck to you

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Aug 14th '10

I am very sorry for your loss mamma..And if anyone tells you thats there's a way to make it all better and not want to cry every time after an unsuccessful cycle they need a grip on reality...It's tuff you just gotta take it in strides. I had a m/c Feb 10,2010 and i'd still going through the coping with it but I'm just trying to take it day by day cycle by cycle and just hope for the best but expect the worst..sounds corny but it's really helped me..

Dont beat yourself up over it it's nothing you did. have to remember that also :)
you hear stories of people getting pregnant as soon as the completely m/c.....Your also hear stories of people who dont get pregnant for years after..

I know my friend m/c and it took her and her husband a year and a half to conceive after... Just take everyday in strides and keep smiling and know you have an angel watching down on you and when you get preg again your LO has someone watching down on them :)

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Aug 15th '10

I just had a m/c this past wednesday. i went in to my regular check up, i was supposed to be turning 10 weeks the next day, but my baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks :(
I was in such shock i couldnt believe it, i was hospitalized right away and had an induced abortion.
words cannot express how i feel. i still cant believe that im not pregnant anymore and that my baby was dead for 2 weeks and i didnt even know it
my doctor said that i have to wait 6 months before i can get pregnant again, and to tell you the thruth im scared to death to even try, i dont want to through this ever again

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Aug 16th '10
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Aug 16th '10
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Aug 16th '10

good luck mama and baby dust to you!