please tell me it gets easier... *R.i.p Babygirl* Due April 11; 16 kids; Pennsylvania 96 posts
Aug 4th '10

it's been four months today since my angel went to Heaven, but it still feels like it happened yesterday. They say time heals all wounds, but the pain hasnt eased at all. I cant sleep, I cant eat.. i feel so hopeless and depressed. everyone tells me "god had other plans for her" or "shes in a better place" & i understand that, but it doesnt take away the hurtin or the emptiness in my heart... please, tell me it gets easier :(

but as you all know im selling bracelets to try and raise money for her headstone. the cost of her headstone is $850.. & im still unable to work .. so i have no source of income right now... so the bracelets are any color you want, like the livestrong ones & say "Rip Abryanna Nicole, God's Prettiest Angel"... Its just so hard going to the cemetery, and seeing my babygirl is the only one without a stone. its killing me, i feel like im letting her done, like i should be workin..but the doctor wont release me .. i dont know where else to turn, im trying everything i can to raise money for her to have a beautiful resting place.

please, dont do it for me..but do it for her... when im gone, i want her to be remembered by all her brothers & sisters, and all my grandchildren...not an unmarked grave that nobody even knows about....

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Aug 4th '10
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Aug 4th '10

if you need to talk,please feel free to PM me.
its been a year and a half since my girls passed and to be honest...the pain doesnt go away, it does not get easier, yet you somehow LEARN to live with this pain...

im sorry, r.i.p. precious one

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Aug 4th '10

Have you already ordered her headstone? i ordered my sons online, it was only $150 and it turned out beautiful with his pic and everything, I can post a picture of it if you want and I can also post the link to the website. They are also super fast at making them, they made it on a wednesday and I got it on friday 2 days later.

And it does get easier in time, it has been a year since I lost my son and it is easier in some ways but I still miss him everyday and some days are harder than others.

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Aug 4th '10

i'm so sorry for your loss! You should be able to get financial assitance for the headstone if you are not working. I know a friend who lost her baby and social security gave her money and so did the dept of social health to help with the funeral/headstone costs.

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Aug 4th '10

they wont help me with the cost of it ..... & im just so stressed girls all i can say & do is cry..... im at loss for words right now, god i miss her::cry:

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Aug 5th '10
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Mandi Lee 16 kids; Oregon 801 posts
Aug 6th '10

the only thing i can say is that it will become easier to cope with. and the reason for that is because you will learn HOW to cope with it in the best way. it has been 2 and a half years since i lost my baby boy and i have come a long way because i have learned how to cope with it. as far as the head stone goes, i still do not have my sons. the one i want is about $2,000. i have 3/4 of the money saved up so far. i feel terrible about not having it yet, but i know that i wont feel at peace until i get the one i feel is necessary for him. if you need to talk, im not on here much but i will definitely try to get back at you.

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Aug 7th '10

Have you looked in to a support group?