Aaden's 2 mommies 1 child; Odessa, Texas 2848 posts
Oct 27th '07

re: Jenn--dont worry about your tummy. I am sure that the previous "bump" was due to all the internal changes you experience in the first 2 months and it could have also been gas. Your body is adjusting to the expantion of your uterus and maybe this is what you were noticing since you are thin. =)

I am sure everything is good. Keep us updated. We have the same due date!!!

Aaden's 2 mommies 1 child; Odessa, Texas 2848 posts
Oct 27th '07
dramhm wrote: Hello, I starting spotting yesterday and went to the Dr. They saw rests of blood but the little bean seems ... [snip!] ... now. The fact that I
SexyMita 2 kids; Orlando, Florida 66 posts
Oct 27th '07

Good morning mommies,

I hope everyone is ok this morning, I still dont feel hungry so i still ate some chocolate chip waffles and  orange juice...maybe ill loose a little weight or stay like this a little is saturday and i am going to be bored since here in orlando it has been clowdy for the past 3-4 days and the weather is great...75.....but i hate how you start feeling like the day itself....

I finally got a hold of my sister, and she is exited, she is 10 months younger than me and i wanted to ask Deanna & Carmen some advise about what are the best options to have a baby when you are the same sex...she is dying to have one and they are very serious about it!!!! (private message me)..ill really appreciate it!!!!

well i hope everyone has a very safe and happy saturday!!!:P

Thanks, Marilyn:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

hopeful Kansas 3 posts
Oct 27th '07

Hello everyone!  I just found this site last night and got hooked.  It was great to see that there are so many other ladies going through the same/similar things that I am.  I had a miscarriage (blighted ovum--empty sac) in July and I'm really excited to be pregnant again.  I'm due June 11th and go in for my 2nd u/s on Monday.  It's my first official appointment but I went in this past Monday due to come cramping.  The doc said it was normal and we got to see a heartbeat.  I cried when I saw the heartbeat because I had been so scared that this time would be just like the last.  The baby's heart rate was 135 and I was told that was normal as well.  When they do the u/s on Monday they're going to check to see that the baby is still growing as expected.

Congrats to all of you and I hope you are all feeling well!

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Oct 27th '07

Well, I've officially turned into a pregnant psychopath. Today, I just snapped at my husband for the stupidest reason and now I feel like a horrible person. These hormones have been taking over my body and now I feel like I don't even know what can happen next. Earlier this week, I had a bad dream, woke up and sobbed for 30 mins. Yesterday, I was so moody no one wanted to be around me which isn't good when you are a Customer Service Rep. This morning, my husband was getting us breakfast and got me the wrong sandwhich and I started bawling. Literally crying my eyes out because I wanted sausage and not ham. When he tried to switch me sandwhiches, I went nutz telling him he was trying to make me feel bad and make my day worse. He just looked at me like "Who is this crazy woman and what did she do with my wife?"  I know this is normal, but at the same time, I can't spend my whole day crying and/or pissed off.

Other than that, the morning/all day sickness as crept in. I am nauseas all day and I can't eat but a little at a time. I am so tired but if I try to sleep I can't. I wake up 10-20 times at night just to get comfortable and we have  a Tempurpedic mattress!

Well, thats all my complaining for the day. I'm going to go cry by myself.  :)


Jenn, Noah, & Eli 2 kids; Georgia 4560 posts
Oct 27th '07

Deanna & Carmen- thanks for the reassurance. I'm a "first timer"
and a worrier by nature, so I tend to over analyze every little thing
:o That's so cool we have the same due date!!

Dramhm: I've had some spotting on and off myself- mostly around weeks 4 and 5. I went in for an exam at week 5 for precautionary measures and everything was fune. Also when I went in for my 1st "official" prenatal exam at 7 weeks I also had a pap/internal exam done. My doctor said I have a "sensitive cervix" and will be prone to spotting- but assured me from what she saw the "blood" was old and definitely NOT coming from where the baby is. And if it helps- I've got a sister and 2 good friends that spotted regularly throughout all of their pregnancies and had happy/healthy babies. Ovciously if it gets worse, changes colors, or is accompanied by severe cramps- definitely call your doctor just to be safe and put you at ease so you can relax! :D

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Oct 27th '07
jennlenac wrote: SLIGHTLY WORRIED ABOUT BELLY- "NO BULDGE" (Also posted in Pregnancy Issues) but since I'm due in June ... [snip!] ... worried that it seemed like I was getting a little baby bump, but not it's not there... Can anyone else relate or have advice?

I am in the same boat...I have a little bump also.....I was in good shape when I found out I was pregnant so every little change in my body I notice.

Ahrens Florida 23 posts
Oct 27th '07

Good morning ladies, well almost afternoon I guess...I slept  until 10:30 today, and it felt so good!

JuneBaby9- Please don't stress out about the heartbeat. When I went and seen our heartbeat for the first time, it was 149 bpm, then A week later I had my friend scan me again and it was 138 bpm, I was like why did it go down that much, and my friend said that it could be the way the techs themseleves measure the heartbeat, sometimes they don't measure as accurate as they should.

Jennlenac- I wouldn't worry about your tummy not showing yet, you are still really early. The bump you were probably experiencing was just being bloated from gas. Don't worry, we will be showing soon enough.

MommyMeri- Hi sweetheart, I know those tickers are pretty neat, you can get them at this website:

I hope that helps

Alright ladies, I'll be back later!

llh-Kat&Marlowe 1 child; London, United Kingdom 2979 posts
Oct 27th '07

Hi everyone. I just found out last week that I'm pregnant and due on the 13th June! Look forward to chatting with all of you and seeing our bellies grow together.


Proud~Mommy 3 kids; Florida 2 posts
Oct 27th '07

Hello everyone. I am due June 25th. I found out we were pregnant again on Oct. 19 and we are so excited!! We just miscarried on Sept 19th so we were really suprised to find out we were pregnant again so soon espically because we werent really trying!! I guess it's meant to be!! This will be baby # 4 for us. I have had headachs, swollen sore breasts, terrible dreams, frequent bathroom trips, and  I just feel drained all the time. No nausea yet though!! Yeahh!  Can't wait to get past the 1st trimester!!

- Kristin

1st_baby_08 1 child; Illinois 23 posts
Oct 27th '07

I found out last tues that I am pregnant.  I'm due June 10th.  I am a first time mom so I'm a little scared.  I have already started to have back pain.   


honeylishuz Florida 163 posts
Oct 27th '07

Hey everyone i hope u all are feeling ok.

I can't seem to eat anything it all has a wierd taste to me :( my bf thinks im going crazy. I go in for my first ultrasound on thursday and i can't wait!  I also had a tiny bit of spotting today which made me really nervous since i've had 4 miscarriages before. Hopefully this is just normal i never spotted so early with the last 4 miscarriages so idk. I'm on a blood thinning medication for my blood clots now so i hope that's what is causing me to spot. Other than that i'm still very tired and still getting cramps here and there..

CaliGrrl California 27 posts
Oct 27th '07

Hey everyone! So i know i might just be making too much out of it, but i was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. i've been getting sharp little twinges. they're not like the dull period cramps but more centralized quick pains all throughout my lower abdomen. they're not all the time, but they're definitely there. anyone have the same thing goin on??

Aaden's 2 mommies 1 child; Odessa, Texas 2848 posts
Oct 27th '07
CaliGrrl wrote: Hey everyone! So i know i might just be making too much out of it, but i was wondering if anyone had ... [snip!] ... all throughout my lower abdomen. they're not all the time, but they're definitely there. anyone have the same thing goin on??

Deanna has/is experienced short sharp pains in her lower belly. We asked the Dr. about them and they said it is probably your uterus growing and shifting things around. I wouldnt worry about them unless you start bleeding. Deanna still spots a little every few days---noting bright red and the dr said that was normal. If the pains dont stop or if it becomes constant , I would go to the ER. Hope this helps.
Carmen and Deanna

Andali Florida 2 posts
Oct 27th '07

I have those same pains.  I get them mostly in the middle of the night.  My doctor told me also that its normal since there is no bleeding and the baby is fine.  I still get worried though because no one ever told me that I was going to cramp like that.  At least now I know that I'm not the only one.