CaliGrrl California 27 posts
Oct 26th '07

Ok, I thought so. :) Mine was Sept. 19th. We've got a few names we like but we're not 100% sure. I love the name Emma and know a few really cute ones! Are you guys going to find out what the sex is? My hubby doesn't want to know but there's NO way I can't find out! We both want a little boy, just because we have two nephews and would love the rest of our kids later on to have a big brother. But as long as it's healthy we'll take whatever we get! *fingers crossed*

Mahriah 1 child; Georgia 107 posts
Oct 26th '07

Yeah, we're definitely going to find out that way we know what kind of stuff to buy. :) I can't wait to find out. Hopefully whenever I go to my doctor appointment on the 12th I can see or hear the heartbeat. I think once I hear that it will finally hit me that it's real. I think we're still in shock kind of. :)

CaliGrrl California 27 posts
Oct 26th '07

Yea I definitely know what you mean. As of right now I'm kinda just goin about everyday knowing that I'm pregnant but not really thinking it, if that makes any sense lol. I can't wait to shop, it's gonna be so much fun! Yea we should be able to hear the heartbeat by the time our first appt. comes around (if they do that for MY first appt.)  and that's gonna be soooo weird but soooo exciting!!! :D

Candace Marie Due March 16; 1 child; High Point, North Carolina 12 posts
Oct 26th '07

Ok so i havent wrote in awhile since i moved out to Hawaii.... So im now 6 wks and 2 days.... i still have sore b**bs, peein alot, restless at night, tired durin the day, and clearin skin....... My taste buds have changed, and im startin to feel naseous.

Yesterday i baby sat a lil 15 month old boy, One of the guys my husband works with on the submarines kid and he was soooo attatched to me. The guy that was with me helping was the one that was suppose to be watchin him but the lil boy wouldnt go to him to save his life. Instead he stayed with me the whole time! His momma said it was because i was the heck does he know im pregnant???? not showin and i felt perfectly fine yesterday....

Sonya4reel 1 child; Florida 496 posts
Oct 26th '07
sexymita wrote: Good morning mommies!!!!! I went from eating every hour to not feeling hungry for the past 2 days, whats ... [snip!] ... are prety going threw the same thing  :lol:  so have fun!!!hope to meet you all.. ~~~Marilyn~~~~ 6 weeks and 5 days

Sarah&Eddie Michigan 2 posts
Oct 26th '07

Hey Everyone!  I'm new here, and I just barely squeaked in!  I'm Sarah, 31 years old, and I am due June 30.  I found out on Oct 24th through a home pregnancy test.  Then I went to the doctor on the 26th, and their test was negative.  I don't think I am excited, but my heart totally sank when they said that, but I knew they were wrong.  So they took a blood test, I took another at home test the next morning, and was positive on that and the blood test that afternoon.  Whoa.  I am now 4 weeks 4 days.

So, I have been having cramps since Monday, but I had NO spotting.  The cramps come and go.  I hope that is okay.  I also have a terrific nose right now!  I have experienced some nausea, but no puking.  Oh, my....very sore boobies!  Also, maybe someone can tell me, I feel bloated, and my stomach almost seems like it is already growing, but you wouldn't be able to tell, cause I already have a bigger tummy.  Is this possible?  I didn't think I was supposed to feel this way for a while yet.

Last night, I was at work and I was VERY irritable, like I have never been before...and then when I got home and talked with my husband, we got in some stupid fight, then I cried, SOBBED, with like heaving breaths...I don't think I have cried like that since I was 10!!  What in the world!  My poor husband!  He held me for the longest time...I just couldn't control myself!

Someone please tel lme this is normal...heh.  We don't know when to tell people, but we have decided to wait.  I think we should tell our parents after the first OB appointment.  Maybe everyone else a little later.  Now, after reading everyone's responses, I am scared of a miscarraige...

I have my first appointment in two weeks with my OB.  I will stop rambling now!

CONGRATS to all of you!!!  I wish you all the best of luck!

Aaden's 2 mommies 1 child; Odessa, Texas 2848 posts
Oct 26th '07

finally--I got my original user name was deleted this morning..oh well. Hope everyone is well..Deanna is sleeping on the couch right now.

No spotting the last few days. I can not wait until next friday for the dr appt. I hope we get to hear the heartbeat instead of just seeing it!

Has anyone gone shopping yet?:D

junebaby9 Atlanta, Georgia 26 posts
Oct 26th '07

Well, my husband called the doctor back after my little freak out and she said the baby's heart rate was 117bpm.....just slower then it should be. Has anyone else had this issue? They just want me to come back in to make sure the heart rate is going up as the baby grows because it is supposed to be between 140-160. I'm so scared something might be wrong with the little peanut?! It is so weird though because the heart beat sounded soooooo fast the other day! I'm trying really hard not to stress....but it's easier said then done!

Carmen and Deanna- yes for the shopping! Not me but my mom and friends have all bought me stuff! My best friend even bought me a diaper bag already! And I've gotten an outfit with teddy bear (neutral colors), a picture frame, a couple books, and my mom already bought me some maternity clothes from Gap- I recommend looking there because they have some really cute stuff and alot of it on sale right now! So anyways, go ahead and shop! why not?! your happy and excited so you might as well live in the moment! Also, tell Deanna to try the Jolly Rancher pink lemonade suckers! Those things have helped me so much from hurling!! :D

Mama of 5 Princesses Due May 4; 5 kids; Las Pi 129 posts
Oct 27th '07

Finding out the sex: We will find out if we can. Didn't know with my first and hated buying everything in neutral. Now with 3 girls, everything I have is if we have another girl..we're all set almost...but if we have a boy..we have some major shopping to do. NO CLUE on NAMES yet.

Heartbeat: Who was worried about this? It can vary this early in the pregnancy, so I wouldn't stress yet. They'll just want to watch to make sure it's faster as you get further along. 

I am like all of you...getting morning sickeness...close to throwing up, but not quite. I am so tired, I can barely function. It's a workout just to take care of my 3 girls and try to keep the house in some order. And IRRITABLE! Oh my...YES! I've got hormones shooting out all over the place!!!!

A little about me...I am nearly 30, originally from Michigan...but married a currently we are stuck in the Philippines living with my husband's family.  There are already 11 people living in this house, so it's a bit crazy. In fact, my husband and I share a room with our 3 girls here, so we are dying to get our own place or for the government to change their mind and let us return to the US (stupid immigration since 9/11).  I gave birth to my last daughter here 17 months ago..and it was really a horrible experience, but fortunately, with a happy ending.

I know there was more I wanted to say, but my preggo brain is tired and forgetful. I have to go take a quick nap cuz dh and I and the 3 girls have to go grocery shopping tonight..and that usually takes up all my energy.

I'll work on posting a picture one of these days. Oh..and it looks like I have some due date buddies...or close at least.  We'll see if the doc changes my due date or not, but for now it's June 24th. :)

MerryDeath 1 child; Atlanta, Georgia 3118 posts
Oct 27th '07

I'm so glad to have my name back!

Is anyone else dealing with the MS comeback?
Mine was kinda bad, then it was much better, and now its HORRIBLE?
The doctor says no soda (not even gingerale) and no carbs (not even crackers).
I'm dying.
My husband is sleeping soundly and I hate him for it....
I hate it. And I have work in 2 hours.

MerryDeath 1 child; Atlanta, Georgia 3118 posts
Oct 27th '07

Mahriah, where did you get your icon? that thing is awesome! I keep seeing them on here as people's avatar, but I don't know where to find them myself.

N.E.L Due January 13; 1 child; Atlanta, Georgia 653 posts
Oct 27th '07

Gosh, I've started really feeling nauseated...started yesterday and I threw up yesterday morning   Then, when I eat, I don't want it...My boobies aren't really sore, but sometimes, the left one gets a little face broke out last week, so I quickly got some Proactiv to help with that....I feel so fat...I've already gained 2lbs (and I'm considered plus size), so I really gotta watch what I eat.

I got to see and hear my bean's heartbeat yesterday. When hubby and I went on Tuesday, I think the heartbeat had just started, so they wanted me to come back on yesterday to make sure it was stronger, and it was!

My little bean is so cute and I love him/her so much!

Is anyone having menstrual like cramps? The doctor says it's normal, but I have them off and on alot...I thought they would have subsided by now....

dramhm - Marion Due May 25 (girl); 1 child; Arkansas 1128 posts
Oct 27th '07

Hello, I starting spotting yesterday and went to the Dr. They saw rests of blood but the little bean seems to be ok, they saw a heartbeat. Allthoug they also mentioned something about the sac being a little long. Anybody knows anything about that? I hope everything turns out ok, I

Jenn, Noah, & Eli 2 kids; Georgia 4560 posts
Oct 27th '07

SLIGHTLY WORRIED ABOUT BELLY- "NO BULDGE" (Also posted in Pregnancy Issues) but since I'm due in June as well thought I'd check with ya'll:?

I'm just a little over 8 weks pregnant. I'm relatively thin to start
(5'7" and 125 lbs) and I've managed to maintain a pretty flat belly
over the years. It seemed like weeks 4-7 my belly was "sticking out" a
bit, almost as if I was already starting to "show". But this week
though I can notice an ever so slight "buldge" my tummy seems almost
flat like it was before. That is a little worrysome to me....

maintained all of my other pregnany symptoms. I've definitely got my
"morning, noon, and night sickness" (I'm pretty much naseous all day,
but it's the worst at night). My b**bs are extremely sore and tender.
And though I feel sick to my stomach a lot, I've definitely got an
increased appetite and I've not been eating any less than normal (if
anything a little more). I also had an ultrasound done at the end of
week 7. We were able to see our tiny little peanut and the doctor could
ever detect it's tiny little heartbeat. She said everything looked A-OK
and I should be right on track.

I know according to the books
and everything most women don't technicially start to "show" until the
2nd trimester. I'm just worried that it seemed like I was getting a
little baby bump, but not it's not there... Can anyone else relate or
have advice?

Aaden's 2 mommies 1 child; Odessa, Texas 2848 posts
Oct 27th '07

Well, Deanna is feeling good today. She and I are going to a day spa and get our hair  done.  I also have a pedicure planned for her but depending on her MOOD and how she feels, we may not do the pedi thing!  I hope she does because she always feels so good after a pedicure...taking her to the spa along with myself is a definent plus in being in a same sex relationship!! :D

After the spa this afternoon we are going to go shopping--again, depending on her mood and if she feels ok.

The jolly ranchers are a life saver when it comes to her morning sickness!

I hope all is well with the ladies in here. I have met some really great women!

Good luck to everyone. We can not wait until next friday until we go to the dr!