JUNE BABIES of 2008!!!!!!! D(x2)KM~Melissa (TOG) Due October 5 (boy); 34 kids; Texas 14356 posts
Oct 9th '07
Hey girls, I just found out Saturday Oct 6th that I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage in July. I am due June 17th!!! How is everyone feeling? What are your symptoms??
JessRose82 California 22 posts
Oct 23rd '07

Has anyone heard of "B-Buckles?" I just saw them on the Babies R Us website. It looks like it is similar to the "ponytail holder" concept some of you ladies have talked about. It is some sort of belt buckle that holds your pants together, and there are different ones with cute sayings, like "Mamacita." Here's the product description:

"The hottest new trend in maternity, this B-Buckle accessory lets you wear your non-maternity jeans through your first, second and third trimester! Made from a high-quality, poly-rayon blend, each B-Buckle has adjustable snaps for the perfect fit. Size small fits pre-pregnancy sizes 0 to 4; medium fits prepregnancy size 6-8; large fits pre-pregnancy size 10-12."

Just wondering if anyone has tried it. We're going to Vegas on Friday and I would really appreciate being able to walk around in my regualar jeans, no sweat pants! :lol: (However, I'm sure the ponytail holder trick is much cheaper!)

the assassin 2 angel babies; Roseville, MI, United States 2936 posts
Oct 26th '07
Mama of 3-soon to be 4! wrote: Can I join?? I just found out about a week ago that I am pregnant...with my 4th!!!! AAaaaaah! We were ... [snip!] ... around the same time. I did that with my last pregnancy and I'm still good friends with so many of those women/mommies.

Of course you can. The more mommies the better talk.. welcome to baby gaga forum. :D

E8910 3 kids; New York 5553 posts
Oct 26th '07
MommyMeri wrote: hi Marksenjoli :) Even if you don't share the exact date with someone on here, I think that there are ... [snip!] ... baby for me. Are they going to test your BF for the sickle cell trait? I know I read somewhere that they do that sometimes.

thanks mommymeri for those words. i feel like the only people i can talk to -- YELL AT -- are my mom, boyfriend and one friend because i don't want to make a formal announcement till i hit 12 weeks. FOUR MORE WEEKS TO GO! WOOHOOO!

as for the sickle cell, yes bf was tested and he doesn't have the trait thank goodness. i did see my lil bunny on an u/s and i have another at my high-risk clinic on monday. fingers crossed that bunny is still A-OK. i'd been applying to jobs in DC for the last seven months but to avail so now he is considering just moving to NY and finding a job cause i'm feeling so needy right now and so lonely being in NY by myself. i'm trying to be strong but it's hard when i'm achy, dry heaving and just feeling ugh. LOL

but yes this site is helping so much and everyone's enthusiasm is so encouraging and knowing that the lil pings i feel and the fact that i'm shoveling something in my mouth every five minutes makes me feel so much better!

SexyMita 2 kids; Orlando, Florida 66 posts
Oct 26th '07

Good morning mommies!!!!!

I went from eating every hour to not feeling hungry for the past 2 days, whats wrong with me?  i was feeling sad yesturday afternoon and my mom said its normal, i took  her advise since she had 7 kids......but today i woke up hyper and i ate because i have to...but atleast i will be going to a holloween party tonite and i still dont know what to wear....remember i already have a pouch, so i still dont look preggo, i look fat

well i hope all of you have a wonderful day and i also wanted to welcome all the new mommies that are still joining us here...this is the place where all of us are prety going threw the same thing  :lol:  so have fun!!!hope to meet you all..

~~~Marilyn~~~~ 6 weeks and 5 days

Alyson28 1 child; California 31 posts
Oct 26th '07

Ok, is it me or does this whole forum look totally different!? I'm so confused!! lol

I feel like crap today. I'm pretty sure that the puking is coming on. I haven't yet, but I feel like I can't hold it back anymore. I've got such a busy day too, not sure how I'm going to manage. The hardest though will be that I have to work at my daughters preschool for 2 hrs this morning!!..ahhh!!.. that'll be sooo hard feeling like this. Then we're having a dinner party tonight for some family that is here from out of state and I'm doing all of the cooking! I told my friend that I need her husband to bring me a mask from the fire dept so that I can cook and not puke!!

Welcome to all of the new mommies! I'm so glad to have this place to post on. It's kinda funny too, cause my younger sister is in the Dec Due Date Buddies group!.. she's due on Xmas day, I'll finally be an aunt.

Hope everyone has a good day!! ...and lets hope that the ms starts fading soon!! haah...wishful thinking right?

Carmen&Deanna Pennsylvania 1 posts
Oct 26th '07

For some reason--my old account will not work with this new forum/website I am here..under a new old name was Deanan&Carmen:lol:

JessRose82 California 22 posts
Oct 26th '07

You're right, Alyson. This site does look really weird today, and it took forever to log me on!

It's so funny, I was skimming through all the recent posts and we are all kinda feeling the same

Codephus330 17 kids; Florida 1441 posts
Oct 26th '07

Hey June Mommies! I hope everyones feeling great today! Life can only get better! My DH just broke down and told me that he WAS trying to knock me up! HAHA! He can't wait for the baby! He's so excited! I've never seen him like this before!

 We should, in the picture forum, make a June belly thread.... What do you mommies think?

D(x2)KM~Melissa (TOG) Due October 5 (boy); 34 kids; Texas 14356 posts
Oct 26th '07

I like the idea of a June Belly thread... that's really cute and a good idea ;)

So I was feeling A-OK this morning, and now I am starting to get nauseas again!!! BOO!!! ;(

CaliGrrl California 27 posts
Oct 26th '07

Hey guys, I'm new to the site. My husband and I just found out Oct. 21st that we're pregnant with our first!! So I'm 22, in my last semester of school and my EDD is June 25th, although I wont find out officially until Nov. 12th which is my first appt. (seems a little late doesn't it??)! I've been starting to feel a little nauseous, this morning especially. Well hope to talk to ya all soon!

Mahriah 1 child; Georgia 107 posts
Oct 26th '07

Hey CaliGrrl, I'm in the exact same boat you are in. I found on out Sept. 19th though and the Health Department says my Due Date is the 25th as well, but I think it's the 23rd. LOL. And I have my first doctor appointment the exact same day you do. It's scheduled for then because we will be 8 weeks pregnant then which is when a lot of doctors want to see their patients. Are you having any morning sickness yet? I'm not so I dont' know if I should be worried about that or not. Good luck to you and congratulations!!

CaliGrrl California 27 posts
Oct 26th '07

Mahriah, do you by any chance mean you found out October 19th? September 19th doesn't seem possible to me. :) But that's exciting we're relatively on the same day, it'll be cool to compare our symptoms and appointments! :) I have not thrown up or anything yet, but have felt a little nauseous a couple of times this week (this morning being the worst). Other than that I've just had some twinges and stuff in my lower abdomen. Have you had any symptoms yet??

Mahriah 1 child; Georgia 107 posts
Oct 26th '07

Haha, yeah, I meant October 19th. I was thinking of telling you the first day of my last period was September 18th and must have gotten them confused. I don't have any naseau yet thank goodness, but I do have some menstrual like cramps every now and then. So, you have any baby names picked out or anything? If ours is a girl, her name will be Emma Grace and a boy will be Tristan David. :) We're hoping for a girl since my fiance' already has a 4 year old little boy.

nonsomnus 3 kids; Illinois 1 posts
Oct 26th '07

Hi girls...

New to the boards, so quick intro. 

Hubby and I have three kids who will be 18, 16, and 11 when this baby is born.  We had an unexpected ectopic pregnancy in May and decided that we really did want more kids.  So... after getting the all clear after my hysterosalpingogram on Sept 10, we started trying.  Found out September 30 we were expecting. 

We had an ultrasound Monday on my 7-week date, and there is one baby with a heartbeat right where it's supposed to be.  We will be getting further testing done, I go to a genetic specialist in November for the 1st trimester screening due to my "advanced maternal age"... (I'll be 36).

I feel sick and tired, b**bs hurt, and I can't button my pants.  I work in an ER as a RN and yesterday kicked my butt.  On top of everything else, I've caught a stomach virus, so I really feel awful today.  Thank goodness I have this weekend off.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.... but I really wish this forum was more user-friendly and had more sub-topics.  It's too hard to read through all of the posts when I work so much.

Heatherjune-It's a boy! Denver, Colorado 602 posts
Oct 26th '07

So I know we are all nauseous but is anyone else feeling very very irritable?? I feel like I'm so angry at eveything today!!! And my job just seems like the worst job in the world!!!!  I don't know if its just me or the fact that I'm hormonal!!!!!