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May 17th '10

This is a thread for mommas who are, have been or think you might be high risk. every one is welcome.
No drama please

You have a question
You have a story
You just want to chat because you are so freaking tired of being on your back and just want to take an actual bath !!!

If you have links of information send them to me and I will put them in the op

We are here to encurage each other, so try and be nice!

pm me your name and due date if you want your name on the list

♥::: names of mommies who are high risk :::♥

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May 17th '10

Good idea! Wish it was here when I was pregnant with my either of my girls.

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May 17th '10

i'm not a high risk pregnancy, but i just want to say good luck to those who are. =]

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May 17th '10
Quoting lt. dangle
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May 17th '10


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May 17th '10

Great idea!!! I wish this was here when I was pregnant with Irelynn

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May 17th '10

Great Idea!

I wasn't high risk, but I will be with the next one, so I guess I'll tell my story, lol.

I had a perfectly normal pregnancy. At 27 weeks I had an appointment where the doctor did a full exam and ultrasound (I switched Dr's so he was covering all the bases) and everything looked great.

At midnight, a week later, I started having contractions. Not knowing what it was, I stayed home until 8 am, and then couldn't get into the hosptial until around 10 am. They hooked me up, saw I was having contractions, but thought they could give me meds to help.

Upon the pelvic exam, however, it was discovered I was 8-9cm dilated and the waterbag was partially expelled. There was nothing they could do to stop me from delivering. They slowed labor with drugs enough to get the Doctors from a NICU team there, then sped it back up. I delivered my daughter at just under 27 weeks, 2lbs 15 ounces. After 65 days in the NICU, she came home. There don't yet appear to be any long term effects, and besides lungs that are still healing, she's perfectly healthy!

Good luck all you high risk mammas!

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May 17th '10
Quoting USMCWife12907:
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May 17th '10

I'll share my story

Irelynn was my fourth pregnancy (a 2 year old and 2 miscarriages). When I was 8 weeks I started bleeding and thought for sure I was having another miscarriage. We went to the ER and everything checked out fine. The bleeding would stop and then go away for a few days but would eventually come back, each time the bleeding would be heavier. When I was 16 weeks we went to the ER for the fourth time. After an exam and another ultrasound the ER doctor said everything was fine but she was going to have the on call OB come in since there was so much blood. Our daughter was getting cranky so I told my husband to go ahead and take her home. The OB came in and did another exam and ultrasound. She then told me that I had a placental abruption and our baby was going to die. She said we should think about terminating because if I kept on with the pregnancy I would most likely die too. I of course refused to terminate and was immediately admitted into the hospital. I spent 2 months in the hospital on strict bedrest. I had to have blood drawn every 3 days to check how much blood I was losing, have a fresh type & screen on file, and to see if my RHogam shot was still active since her cells were showing up in my blood. When I hit 24 weeks they transfered me by ambulance to a hospital over an hour away with the best NICU around. Being loaded onto the gurney and hearing the EMT ask why I was being transfered and hearing the doctor say "for a 24 week delivery" was heartbreaking, the 3rd worst moment of my life (the first being my mom dying when I was 14 and the second being told we were going to die with the abruption). Once I was transfered they kept me there for a little while and decided to see how long I could go, not wanting to take her so early. They finally discharged me on strict bedrest, they were worried about my mental health after being in the hospital for so long lol. I had to have weekly NST and by the end of the pregnancy I had around 35 ultrasounds. Our little miracle managed to somehow hang in there until 38 weeks! The doctors have no clue how that happened. She was born happy and healthy and is now 7 months old.

So all you mamas who are currently going through trouble with your pregnancy just remember to never lose hope!

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May 17th '10

I'm gonna post my two stories in separate posts.

An overview of why I would be high risk under any circumstances:
When I was 16 I found out I was pregnant when I went to the hospital with the worst menstrual cramps of my life. They did a routine pregnancy test, found I was pregnant, and rushed me up to U/S to make sure it wasn't ectopic. It was anything but. My son was descended so far down they couldn't get accurate head measurements at all. Everything was a blur after that and I gave birth to my 5 month old preemie not even an hour later. He died 14 hours after birth, his condition was incompatible. He was diagnosed with Infantile Tay Sachs Disease which is fatal in the first years of life but cause of death was severe prematurity that was incompatible with the ability to sustain life. Nobody was able to tell me why I went into labor. I like to think it was Mother Nature doing her thing.

A few months later I got pregnant again with my then boyfriend. We got married, and found out it was twins. We found out they were for sure identical twins when a perinatologist told me they had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. They were born at 16 weeks. Baby A was the size of a 13 weeker. Baby B was the size of a 17 weeker. Baby A passed in utero and Baby B was fine through contractions until I was ready to deliver. She passed shortly before I was ready to push them out.

I got on birth control after that, and I got pregnant with my daughter EmmaLynne at the tail end of the Depo. I can say it was a birth control failure, but I think that because I was so fucked up back then I just probably missed my next shot or was ready to get it when I got pregnant.

I didn't find out I was pregnant with Bear until I was already 3 months along. I had overdosed on 4 grams of Heroin after my husband had beat the ever living shit out of me. I wanted to die. I did die. Twice. They brought me back twice. My kidneys and liver needed help from machines while I was in Intensive Care. After the second time I crashed, I needed to be intubated and a machine helped me to breathe in my heavily sedated state. One by one they took me off machines until all that was left was the hemodialysis pump for my kidneys. It was then that I finally became fully conscious. Throughout all of this I was conscious, functioning on my own, but I wasn't really...there. I barely remember anything. Just the excruciating pain of being extubated and feeling the dire need to scream but not being able to.

I was taken to ultrasound and it was during Hall Transport that I received the news that I was pregnant. Approximately 8 to 13 weeks, the Ultrasound was going to determine how far. The tech put the transducer on my belly and I really expected to see a baby with no heartbeat. All the drugs I'd been pumping into my body, all the abuse I'd suffered from my husband, the long nights, the marathon days without sleep, the overdose. Seeing that little fetus bouncing around in my womb with a nice, strong heartbeat was the most eye opening experience of my life.

If she could survive, then so could I. I promised, while watching my baby suck her thumb and push her feet against the placenta, that I would do everything to stay off of drugs and straighten my life out.

Shortly after being taken to the Antenatal ward at the hospital, the sheriff's came to transport me to Medical Isolation at the county jail. I was read my rights and told I was being arrested for a whole list of charges. Most of those charges were dropped. I spent 4 long months in the county jail, unsure of what my fate was going to be. My diet in there was anything but healthy (I swear I think the meatloaf could be considered hazardous waste material :?), medical rarely brought me my prenatals because I was an indigent inmate and couldn't pay for them, I didn't see daylight for 3 of those 4 months because I was in Disciplinary Isolation, I never saw an OB, rarely saw the GP, and was attacked just 3 days before my court date to plea out on my charges.

When I finally got a doctor, I had only one month to go. That was the longest month of my life and not even my doctor could help reassure me that my baby would be alright. He refused to say she would be, because the odds were against me for having a normal baby. Several ultrasounds had shown an incomplete spine. She was measuring a month and a half behind her original due date. I was at high risk of birthing a baby with Infantile Tay Sachs disease again. I didn't know what to think.

They ran test after test on me, trying to catch up on 8 months of pregnancy. They tried to find out if anything would be wrong with her. They put me on a few different medications to manage my anxiety because it had become so bad that I was in the hospital twice a day for three days with anxiety attacks and seizures.

When they delivered, they had to do a C-Section. I was 42 weeks and there were no signs of labor at all. No softening of the cervix, no dilation, no effacement, baby wasn't descending. Nothing.

I forgot to mention that I had gone into pre-term labor 3 times while incarcerated, so this came as a surprise. It all worked out in the end though, even though I was laboring when I made it to the OR. The wait to hear her cry was sheer agony. I trembled so hard that they had to sit an extra nurse by my had to hold my hands down because I kept jerking out of the velcro.

Within due time I heard her beautiful cry and the doctor lifted her up over the barrier. She was backlit by one of the operating lamps, so it literally looked like a slimy little angel coming from heaven. Okay, a little overdramatic. But that's seriously how it looked to me. She had her arms flung out wide and she screamed bloody murder. I was able to see that she didn't have a third eye and I felt a little better. I got a glimpse of her back too as he passed her on to a nurse, and there were no lumps or blisters that I could tell. After briefly seeing her and hearing her I stopped trembling. When they brought her over to kiss me, it was amazing.

I went to hell and back and brought a child into the world.
I didn't ever want to go through it again and I seriously thought I'd had the worst pregnancy ever. :lol:

She was perfectly healthy and normal. We've had a few scares along the way but she really is a happy, healthy, NORMAL 3 year old who actually excels in many categories of her development.

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May 17th '10

this is grate ladies keep them coming. im going to bed for the night

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May 17th '10

High Risk due to having epilepsy. Pregnant with my first.

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May 17th '10
Quoting PinkyMcPinkFace:
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May 17th '10

At about 20 weeks pregnant with my son i became high risk!

So, at 18-19 weeks i started contracting i called my doctor she said its probably nothing and to take it easy for the day and keep my feet up.. At my next appointment which was my ultrasound she was looking for my cervix and said that she couldnt see it from the outside so she had to do a internal one, when she measured my cervix it was only measuring a 2.1 when its suppose to be at least a 3 or bigger. At that point i was put on bedrest at home and scheduled to see a high risk doctor.. It took a long time for them to get me in by that time i was 23w5d when they did my ultrasound there they said my cervix was down to a .8 and i was a fingertip dilated.. They admitted me to l&d and expected me to deliver then. They told me that if i had him they did not want to resuscitate him because he was not liable to live.. But of course i said that i want them to do anything to save him..
i ended up not having him but had to stay in the hospital until i delivered.. It was very stressful lots of drama which made it hard i cried alot.. i made it to 27 weeks and started contracting really bad they took me too l&d where they checked me and we found out i was at 3cm and progressing.. They tried stopping my labor which didnt work, and babys heart rate was super high so they did a amnio synthesis and we found out i had a infection in my amniotic fluid and they had to take him.. He was breach so i had to have a c-section.. i was freaking out because i was only 27w1d and i was scared for my baby.. They did my c-section and had to cut my uterus up and down because it was too small..
He was born weighing 2 lbs 3 oz and 14 1/4 inches long.. he stayed in the NICU for 11 weeks which was very rough, and is now 18 months..

i will always have high risk pregnancies now and have to have a c-section..

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May 17th '10

My pregnancy with Annabelle was hell.
Pure and simple.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was put on bed rest. Not even a week after getting a BFP that made me damn near shit my pants, I was bleeding like a period. I figured the pregnancy wasn't viable but took my SO's suggestion and went to the hospital to get checked out. There wasn't a thing there. Just a thickening of the uterine lining. I was sent home and told to expect a miscarriage. I started seeing an OB soon after and they did an ultrasound every week. My levels kept doubling, so she said we should be seeing something soon. Just a few days before my birthday I went to a new OB who did an ultrasound and found my precious little Beaner. I was on top of the world.

As soon as I started seeing that OB, I stopped. I moved to another city about 30 miles away and was waiting for some money before I started seeing another OB. At about 10 weeks I started bleeding. It looked like there was a damn murder scene in my vagina. I went to the hospital positive that this was it, Beaner couldn't hold on anymore. As I walked through those doors I thought to my self "Beaner, give me a chance. We're almost out of the hostile period."

After getting checked in and getting a bed in the ER, the doctor ordered blood work and an ultrasound. Ultrasound came first. My friend's sister was with me and I was scared as hell. We wound up looking at each other and smiling when we saw Beaner on the screen, heart flickering away and bouncing in my womb. It was like watching my first (live) born all over again. I was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of two Sub Chorionic Hemorrhages and a complete Placenta Previa. I was on complete bed and pelvic rest. I was allowed up to piss and that's it. The doctor even told me I wasn't even allowed to think about sex. :lol:

I wound up getting REALLY sick after that and having to be hospitalized. I only found out recently that I was sick with H1N1 (my cultures didn't come back until 2 weeks ago, this was back in September. LOL) While I was in the hospital my white blood cell count decreased from 1000 to 300. I was put on Neupogen injections twice a day, and then they found out my Platelets were too low and I was given one blood plasma transfusion. Despite being 13 weeks pregnant, as sick as I was the benefits outweighed the risks a million to none.

Eventually I recovered, was discharged and moved back in with my parents since my bed rest orders were on and off. Eventually I settled down with an OB and a Perinatologist. Things were going pretty smoothly, hyperemesis gravidarum aside, until I was 26 weeks. I was visiting relatives for Thanksgiving 18 hours away from home in Maryland. In fact, I believe it was either Thanksgiving night or the day after that I went to the hospital because I thought I was having contractions and my water might have broken. The hospital gave me Brethine to stop contractions and sent me on my way, putting me back on my bed rest orders (which I had to change myself to modified bed rest since a few days later I had an 18 hour car ride back to Florida.) Throughout the holidays I kept having contractions that would fall into a labor pattern and then stop. It was like my body was on the edge.

Somewhere in this time my Perinatologist informed me that I have a double cervix. My white blood cells hovered dangerously at 1000 (they should be 4500 or higher) and my platelet counts cycled in and out of normal ranges. Soon after Christmas my doctor performed a repeat ANC because I'd been complaining of severe pain, it was an ache that went all the way into my bones. The ANC and 3 other panels performed showed that cancer cells had found their way back into my blood stream.

Eventually my perinatologist, oncologist/hematologist and OB came to the conclusion that this was looking like a relapse into Acute Myeloid Leukemia (which I had when I was younger. I've also had ovarian cancer since April 2008). New Year's night I went into labor again and my doctor said he didn't think my heart could take anymore strain. Sustaining the pregnancy was hard on my cardiovascular system, and even harder on my musculo skeletal system. They were able to stop the contractions that night and I was back on a modified form of strict bed rest. I had to fax in my daily kick count log weekly to the perinatologist, I had to get an ultrasound on my kidneys because of pain in my back, and eventually had to get an ultrasound on my liver, gall bladder and pancreas because I couldn't keep anything down again at all.

In the end, it wound up being that my fragile immune system couldn't fight out invading viruses and bacteria and just 2 weeks before delivering I fell ill with pneumonia. I seriously felt like I was just on the verge of death, but I kept trucking. Then a little ray of light - my platelets were stable and my white blood cells had gone up just slightly. The ultrasound results came back on my gall bladder saying there was just a bit of sludge (which increased just a week before I delivered). I was given some more medicine and I eventually made it through to my due date.

Now the scariest part of all of this was that the issues with my blood had a high chance of having a negative impact on my daughter. My treatment team warned me that she was at high risk for having a condition called Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (HDN.) I also had the anti-C factor in my blood which increased those chances.

Delivery day came, I had a failed VBAC and my second daughter came out perfect. She had really bad jaundice, which may or may not have been HDN presenting itself in a mild manner. I received a lot of drugs after delivery that prevented me from breastfeeding but I eventually got that relationship established. I got sicker soon after delivery, much sicker, and it took me a month after she was born to finally beat it. But in the end...I would go through it all for her over and over again.