HOW TO GET BANNED FROM BABY-GAGA Mara Due September 27 (girl); 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38965 posts
Sep 24th '07
okay teenagers and those who hang out in here:

i posted this in TDC a few months ago, but it seems we have had a rash of fackers all coming via TP .. and i've been banning like i've never banned before. honestly, i'm getting sick of it and hope those of you who're mature enough, will avoid this nasty trend of creating fake identities (for whatever idiotic reasons) so baby-gaga can go back to being a normal drama-filled but fun place instead of an idiotic facker drama-filled forum.

thanks to those of you who are real and contribute meaningfully, you're an example to the rest of the crazies out there!

SO if you want to stay on baby-gaga please read below:

if you're one of those individuals who (for whatever very lame reason) likes to create alternate personalities... you're in danger of being banned.

we are not going to ban someone for being a bitchy, crass, mean, or even stupid-- but we will not allow fake identities to survive... this is a site for REAL PEOPLE with real pregnancies, real kids, real problems, real questions, and real advice.

from this posting on: the site admin reserves the right to ban ANYONE without warning or explanation who has multiple identities coming from the same IP address.
RavenBethany 7 kids; 3503 posts
Oct 4th '07

And see here I was thinking that fackers was an accidentally on purpose misspelling of fuckers. Because IMHO, the faKers that come here are fUckers as well.


RACHEL BABY 1 child; Seattle, Washington 3638 posts
Oct 27th '07

hahahahhaha I just saw this &I can't stop laughing at the first (well, second) reply.

Elle With FOUR! 4 kids; Wichita, KS, United States 18964 posts
Oct 27th '07
RavenBethany wrote: And see here I was thinking that fackers was an accidentally on purpose misspelling of fuckers. Because IMHO, the faKers that come here are fUckers as well. ;)

I thought that for the longest time, too....:lol: Fakers, fuckers, FACKERS, same differance!

*Aaniyah's mommy* 1 child; Detroit, Michigan 278 posts
Oct 29th '07

Talk about missing the obvisous trying so hard to correct someone where they did make sense but dont worry if you really wanna correct someones typo then u should have started with where she said ("we am not")  but then agian it could have been a typo "u gt wht 1m sayin":D

Jes & Phoenix 1 child; Hickory, North Carolina 715 posts
Oct 30th '07

i really just thought she was saying fuckers but didnt wanna be a potty mouth hahaha thats funny! wow was i wrong and wow at the responses one mis-spelled word got!!! crazy!

nobody. 16 kids; Georgia 95 posts
Nov 8th '07

i'm with alot of other people on here, i thought she was saying fuckers! haha:lol:

gtull1 3 kids; Louisiana 14 posts
Dec 9th '07
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AngieMamma 1 child; Virginia 33 posts
Dec 18th '07

i think facker is supposed to mean faker and hacker at the same time right>???? maybe not. that would just be cool if i was right.

Manda S 2 kids; Kansas 28 posts
Jan 4th '08

You ladies are funny! Good luck on getting rid of the Anyway, this is a great place for those of us that use it to our advantage with real questions and problems, thank you!

RiotStarter Due July 17; 16 kids; 1 angel baby; Hobart, Indiana 4197 posts
Jan 10th '08
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~*Eu = Alyxx*~ 1 child; Florida 274 posts
Jan 21st '08

Ithink the funiest part about ALL of this, is thatthe word "fackers" distracted everybody from the point of the original message. Good job ADD people. lol

just kidding that one stumped me too.

He calls me Mom. 1 child; Imperial Beach, California 3280 posts
Jan 23rd '08


♥ ♥ ♥ Bossier City, Louisiana 12812 posts
Jan 28th '08

wow people are so mature....

Ms.Victoria 3 kids; Montello, Wisconsin 2210 posts
Feb 21st '08

my sister also complained about this problem I hope people listen.

[TBT] No-Co's Mama 1 child; Johnson City, Tennessee 570 posts
Feb 24th '08
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