Hospital Bag! Gretchen Weiners Due October 25 (girl); 3 kids; Chicago, Illinois 52960 posts
Sep 23rd '07
What to pack?

What not to pack?

Here is a simple guideline, feel free to add to it if you have experience with this! :D

Your hospital bag:
A going-home outfit for you.
Several pairs of comfy socks.
Several pairs of underwear.
A nursing bra, if applicable.
A couple of comfy cotton nightgowns
jaydennjoiesmom 2 kids; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 7 posts
Oct 28th '07

i never packed diapers, or wipes because the hospital provides that stuff!

Madison♥Kinley 2 kids; Florida 7100 posts
Oct 28th '07

oh!! dont forget the baby book either, so they can put her foot/hand prints in it.

Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
Oct 28th '07

The only thing I used was my bathrobe, toiletries and going home outfits.  Everything else was provided by the hosptial. 

xxleggyladyxx Due February 15 (boy); 2 kids; Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom 69 posts
Oct 31st '07

Im confused why a tennis ball?

*Aaniyah's mommy* 1 child; Detroit, Michigan 278 posts
Nov 3rd '07

y a tennis ball

Katesmama 1 child; Ohio 5018 posts
Nov 3rd '07

The tennis ball helps with back labor. You use it to massage your back. In our prenatal classes they told us to put 3 tennis balls in a tube sock.

jwoods 3 kids; Michigan 20 posts
Nov 5th '07

The only thing that I needed was an outfit for the baby, and the car seat. The hospital provides everything else. Maybe your own personal items.

baby boy on board 1 child; Tennessee 65 posts
Nov 5th '07

do i really need to bring my own gowns? someone told me they just used the hospital gowns and brought a robe to wear over them while they had guests visiting.

Katesmama 1 child; Ohio 5018 posts
Nov 5th '07

You don't need your own gown. A robe, maybe. And you really don't use most of the stuff on that list. Just stuff like shampoo and toothpaste, the baby's homecoming outfit and of course the car seat. If you are being induced you'll want a magazine or book or a gameboy and some good company!

*~Tabs~* 19 kids; Kentucky 16162 posts
Nov 6th '07

i would take your own wipes. well i don't know about a hospital where you are, but all they provide at the hospital where i delivered my first two were these dry dryer type sheet things that you were to run warm water over. i can do that with a sturdy diaper wipe. so will be taking those for sure this time! and i would take a comfy gown, one you don't mind getting a little blood on though possibly. the hospital gowns suck!

rainbow 3 kids; Ontario 290 posts
Nov 12th '07

I am taking


-2 or 3 outfits for baby(going home outfit, picture outfit and another just incase it doesnt fit)

-car seat(can be brought in the day you go home)

-my own bath robe(nice and comfy)

-hair brush, toothpaste, shampoo,deoderant, a few of my essential make-eup

-a going home outfit for me


-some snacks(chocolate for me)

-my hospital book they gave me\

I think thats about it.

mammab1203 1 child; West Virginia 1010 posts
Nov 14th '07

Question...... what kind of gown are we talking about here? Like a store bought hospital gown? Or do they have what you're talking about in a maternity store? Everyone says slippers, socks and a robe... why? Would you guys suggest shower shoes? I'm so frikkin' confused about this baby and labor stuff... I feel like my head is going to spin!.... I thought the tennis balls were for hubby/daddy to be to keep his hands busy--bounce the ball, toss it in his hands, etc. because they get nervous. I guess maybe I will have to take those birthing classes anyways...

rainbow 3 kids; Ontario 290 posts
Nov 14th '07

The socks and slippers is to keep your feet warm and also because they dont want everyone walking around with dirty shoes. they like to keep their floors as clean as possible.A robe as in well its your choice but i like my house coat. Its comfy plus the hospital gowns are not very thick so the house coat is for extra warmth and comfort. Im not bringing a tennis ball, but i imagine its for you to squeeze it as de-stresser while your in labor it gives you something to focus on.

Christina78 Florida 2 posts
Nov 14th '07

The tennis ball is actually for back labor. You can use it to help massage your back.

CourtneyL.Lopez 1 child; Texas 8 posts
Nov 14th '07

some baby formula and bottled water where i came from they were very stingee and it took forever to get a bottle sent to the room