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Here's the Cloth Diaper chat thread :) You are welcome to be here, and we encourage you to jump in to the conversation! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it here! ~~Please don't use this thread to sell your WAHM items, please use your own selling thread~~

Here is a Cloth Diaper Profile Page: (Its a list of what diapers we like to use)

Cloth Diaper Swap thread (go here to find folks trading/selling pieces of their stash!!)

Here is how we wash and strip :twisted:

FAQ'S about cloth diapering

Diaper Rash Creme reccomendations:

Detergent reccomendations:

How to make your own diaper sprayer:

Financial Benefits to using Cloth vs Disposables:
Essential Cloth Diaper Information

Daycares and cloth diapers:

Cloth Diaper Types

Flat: A single layered fabric (typically cotton) that can be folded where absorbency is needed most, or simply folded into a square and used like a prefold. Cotton weaves include birdseye, muslin. Economical and one sized (can be doubled when baby is older). Receiving blankets can be used (but need to be pinned). You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.

36248_173979375969300_100000717176130_42Squish is modeling this t-shirt flat without a cover (flat up-cycled from a t-shirt)
Prefold: A flat, layered, rectangular diaper with extra layers for absorbency in the center. Commonly used with a fastener and waterproof cover. Economical to buy and can be re-purposed as burp/cleaning cloths or inserts/doublers. Great for the newborn stage. You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof. 162741_173979339302637_100000717176130_4
Here's a prefold laid in a waterproof cover:
Pre-Fitted: A fitted diaper made from a prefold. Goes on like a disposable. May have snaps or velcro closure, or require pins or a Snappi. Brobee is wearing this pre-fitted with a waterproof cover to make this type of diaper moisture resistant. 63196_173979265969311_100000717176130_42
Fitted: A shaped diaper that includes elasticized legs. Most commonly has an aplix or snap closure. Some moms do not cover this fitted when staying around the house. You will notice moisture earlier, however, so will change more often. You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.
163836_173979192635985_100000717176130_4Brobee uses a waterproof cover to make this moisture resistant
Contour: Shaped, like a fitted diaper, but without elastic and usually without attached closures. Commonly used with pins or a Snappi. You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.
contour_medium_108.jpgInsert (Soaker) Is what soaks up the potty soil inside the diaper. Multiple inserts can be placed in a diaper to increase absorbancy.
Hybrid: The insert is laid (or can be snapped at the back waistband) into the cover (or shell). When soiled, the insert can be removed and replaced with a clean insert. Notice shell is shiny. It can be wiped off and re-used.
Some common forms of Hybrids are BG Flip and Best Bottoms, and GroVia (which has a mesh inner lining, not PUL)
Pocket: A 2 layered diaper that requires the addition of an absorbent insert. The outer layer is most commonly made of PUL, with the inner (the part that sits against baby's skin) usually being a "stay-dry" fabric (microfleece, suedecloth, etc.) that allows moisture to seep through to the insert, keeping baby's skin dry. Notice the fabric that touches the skin is NOT shiny. It is NOT a material that you can wipe clean and re-use, which makes this a one time use diaper, and has to be washed again in order to re-use. The waterproof layer is already sewn in to this diaper and does not need a cover.
All In One (AIO): The closest option to disposable diapers. Outside is made of a waterproof layer, and the absorbency is sewn in. You do NOT need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.
bumGenius-all-in-one-diagram-400.jpgAll In Two (AI2): Similar to an AIO, but with a removable or separated absorbent layer for easier washing and faster drying. Absorbent layer is usually snapped in place inside the diaper, sitting directly against baby's skin. You do NOT need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.


Polyurethane Laminate (PUL): The waterproof fabric commonly used for making diapers and diaper covers. PUL covers can be air dried and reused in a day's rotation unless soiled with poo. 3-6 covers are usually adequate for a full diapering stash.
~~One Size: There are two rows on the top front of waistband for getting the diaper tight around the waist, and there are 3- 4 colums of snaps through the middle that are used to make the rise taller or shorter depending on the user's size. These typically fit from 8 or 10lbs- 35lbs, depending on the manufacturer.
Sized: 2 rows of snaps go along the front waistband to close the diaper with a snug fit around the waist.47588_173979322635972_100000717176130_42
Nylon: Not as commonly used as PUL, but a popular economical alternative. Usually found in a pull-on style cover

Wool (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): Wool yarn can be used to knit or crochet diaper covers that, once treated with lanolin, are quite waterproof. Wool covers also offer breathability that PUL covers do not, as well as certain antimicrobial properties.

Interlock (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): Wool or acrylic yarn that has been tightly woven into more of a fabric than knitting or crocheting produces.

Acrylic (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): Like wool, but made with acrylic yarn. Can be washed more often and washed/dried with your normal laundry.

Fleece (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): A synthetic alternative to wool, fleece can be used as a diaper cover.

Soaker: A term for a diaper cover made of wool, acrylic, or fleece, most commonly in the form of a pull-on (rather than wrap w/ aplix or snap closure).


Pins: Special safety pins used to fasten certain types of diapers.
244793992p?src=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bunnyburSnappi: An alternative to pins. 2-3 is usually adequate for a full diapering stash. SnappiNewShapeSnappiGroup300.jpgAplix, Touchtape: Velcro

Liners: Piece of fabric or paper that is laid into a diaper to protect the diaper from creams, make removal of poo easier, or provide a "stay-dry" feeling on baby's skin. Most of the paper liners on the market are flushable. Fleece liners are easily and cheaply made by cutting synthetic fabric store microfleece into rectangles. **These are not an absorbant layer...these only assist in the removal of soil**

Pails and Storage

Wet Pail: Is a breeding ground for bacteria and a drowning hazard. NOT RECCOMENDED

Dry Pail: A dirty diaper storage pail that does not use liquids to soak diapers. Dirty diapers are sprayed, scraped, or wiped of solids, and then simply tossed in the dry pail until wash day. D49PDkYObNt2V9id28aXPxmFz9RPG3K_M4OxmTKm

(or you can use a simple wastebasket with a lid) It DOESN"T have to get pricey!!

Combating Pail Stink: Though some moms use commercially marketed diaper pails with success, the most common solutions seem to be simple lidded plastic trash cans, buckets, or tall laundry hampers. Most seem to agree that the more air that can circulate around the diapers, the less stink they have (and their home still smells normal as well!) Cleaning the inside of the pail on wash day goes a long way toward getting rid of any smell, as does a few drops of essential oil (like Tea Tree Oil) on a small piece of cloth tossed into the pail (some pail liners even come with a piece sewn in for this purpose).

Washing and Drying

Detergent: You cannot use just any detergent on your cloth diapers. Those with whiteners and softeners may cause your diapers to repel (instead of absorb) moisture. Common advice is to use a small amount of detergent to wash diapers, in order to help prevent buildup and skin irritation.
~~Please see the top of this OP for the link to Pinstripes and Polkadots reccomended detergent list~~~

Pre-Rinsing: Most cloth diaper users do a cold pre-rinse with no detergent in their washing machine before doing the actual wash cycle to rinse away urine and any leftover solids.
~~Can pre-rinse by swishing in the toilet, spraying with a diaper sprayer, or filling a peri-bottle with water and squirting over the toilet~~
~~Can also scrape solids off with a rubber spatula that has been dedicated to poop duty only~~

Washing: Wash routines may vary according to your detergent, washing machine, type of water, etc.
~~Please see the link at the top of OP that shows veteran cloth users's preferences for washing~~

Extra Rinses: Some cloth diaper users do extra rinse cycles at the end of their wash in order to ensure that all of the detergent has been washed away.

Drying Methods: Some diapers and covers require line drying, and some can be machine dried. Line drying diapers with aplix closures and/or PUL may help extend the life of those components.

Laundry Additives: Depending on the type of water you have (soft or hard), softening additives may be necessary to get diapers clean in the wash. Essential oils may also be added to the wash water to add scent. Though fabric softener is never recommended for cloth diapers, white vinegar is commonly used in it's place, as well as in a pre-wash rinse cycle to help combat ammonia buildup.

Stripping: The act of removing detergent buildup or other contaminants (ammonia, yeast, etc.) from diapers, usually involving multiple hot wash cycles, multiple extra rinses, boiling, blue Dawn dish detergent, tea tree oil, and less commonly a dishwasher.
~~Please see link at top of OP for the list of veteran cloth user's preferred methods of stripping~~

Sunning: The act of removing stains from diapers by drying in bright sunlight. Lemon juice may also be used when sunning stains for extra whitening.

** Important info from the OP of the CDRB1 thread**

Diapers and Accessories
http: //momsmilkboutique. com (without the spaces) <---- also great information on caring for diapers

Thinking about using wool?

How to Fold

Making your own Diapers or Diaper Wipes?

Diapers Cradle to Cradle

This is why we don't like Gerber prefolds for use as a prefold:
In the top left in the bright white, is a Gerber prefold, with 2 layers of birdsye, sandwiching some batting. On the bottom right, there is an unbleached indian prefold, which is 8 layers of absorbant power.

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