Tmama2 TTC since Dec 2007; 2 kids; Ohio 1 posts
Dec 21st '07

My angel's birthday was December 19, 2007. He wasn't due until August 5th. *Rest in peace my tiny little angel*

~**Trisha**~ TTC since Aug 2006; 49 kids; New York, New York 1878 posts
Dec 23rd '07

Leslie Anne got her wings march 21st,1996 she was two days away from being 20wks I lost her due toa fall I took down a flight of stairs I was 16yrs oldmy due date was july 23rd 1996.Then Imiscarried lil bean on Aug 25th 2007 and I would have been due April 25th 2008.

JOSIAHS MAMA! Due February 27; 17 kids; Nampa, Idaho 401 posts
Dec 23rd '07

Ayanna Elizabeth Barboza was deliverd on December 13th, 2007. she wasnt due until April 28th 2008. The reason she came so early is still unknown. I had her about 4hrs after i left the hospital.... She was here for almost 15minutes when the paramedics finally showed up she took her last few breaths.

MOMMYSANDRA661 2 kids; Bakersfield, California 14 posts
Dec 24th '07

october 25th 2006

mamita. 2 kids; Chicago, Illinois 2794 posts
Dec 24th '07

My baby son Carmelo Cole was born June 6, 2007. His due date was Oct 31, 2007. I lost him bc of a kidney infection he was 20 wks. He will always be in my heart...

I will tell my future children that they have an older brother watching over them always...

Profile No Longer In Use Australia 10 posts
Dec 26th '07

My Angel grew wings on November 14th, 2007.

I was only early into my pregnancy, so we didnt know the gender.

My due date was June 26th, 2008

I miss you my Jelly Bean :(

MeghanK 65 kids; Florida 3291 posts
Dec 27th '07

I have lost three babies early in pregnancy. I miss them so much. I hope it's okay to add there angel days

Baby 1 November 2 2003 R.I.P

Babies 2&3 (twins) Middle of November 2007R.I.P

I know you had to go but it hurts me everyday to think of what might have been. One day we will meet again. I love you my bebes! Sleep tight...

blAhblahblah El Paso, Texas 58 posts
Dec 27th '07

My Angel went to heaven on November 18, 2007, but the due date was on June 24, 2008.

I'll see my baby in heaven soon :)

Brizzygal Due March 9 (boy); 3 kids; Australia 8 posts
Dec 27th '07

My Little girl was born on the17th december 2004. She was born at 24 weeks gestation. Her name was Angel. She was 21cm long & only weighed 210grams.

I now have 2 healthy boys and pregnant with another now almost 14 weeks.

Pregnant again!!! So joyf Due June 25; 68 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 92 posts
Jan 1st '08

I don't have any angels, but my older sister has 4 angels. She lost twin girls on December 1st, 2002, who were due March 14th, 2003, a baby boy on December 12th, 2003, who was due April 19th, 2004, and another baby girl on March 17th, 2006, and was due on August 6th, 2006. She finally had a healthy baby girl on December 20, 2007 weighing 8 pound 12 ounces. We're still not sure what made her lose the other 4 babies, but she's ecstatic to have a baby finally, as well as her husband, and I'm thrilled to finally be an aunt to a baby I can actually hold!

Sock Lady 6 kids; 4 angel babies; Hell, ON, Canada 11758 posts
Jan 2nd '08

My little angelgrew her wingson November 18th, 2005, the due date was May 17th, 2006.

I love you, my precious little angel...
Always & Forever.

ETA: I was hoping that I would never have to go through this again, but I did. I now have another little angel in heaven. My little angel grew her wings on July 24th, 2008, the due date was March 19th, 2009.

I love you my little angel, always and forever.

deannwhite 19 kids; Indiana 540 posts
Jan 2nd '08

my angel went to heaven august 2006
due date was feb 2007

I miss you baby girl! Washington 7 posts
Jan 2nd '08

Baby girl Aliyah Marie was born January 4th 2007 and went to heaven October 2nd 2007. I miss you baby girl!

Now I cant stop crying..............

nycmom New York 16 posts
Jan 3rd '08

My precious baby boy was stillborn on December 25, 2007. I believe his soul went to heaven on December 24, but we're still waiting to hear conclusively.

Adrienne Renae 1 child; Ohio 2 posts
Jan 3rd '08

My beautiful baby boy, Kolby Joseph, became an angel on December 19,2007 and was born on December 21,2007. His due date was May 28, 2008.