Mommy2Emma,Carter&Sophia 51 kids; California 1687 posts
Dec 6th '07

Emma's Angelversary is today December 6, 2006
and her Brithday is December 7, 2006

ღSandraღ 35 kids; New Jersey 2100 posts
Dec 11th '07

My Angels noelia & jessica grew their wings on Sept 25 07.

They were due jan 25 07.
Iguess god decided they were too beautiful for this world!:(

Amber[Chloes Mommy] 1 child; Texas 65 posts
Dec 11th '07

Baby Navaeh got his/her wings on Sept 19th 2007 and his/her birthday was on March 30th is up in heaven with Grandpa and God!!!

Kim~lovinmygirls♥ 69 kids; North Battleford, Saskatchewan 5431 posts
Dec 11th '07
Quoting AmberGaona:
10/31/07 I love you Shelv Washington 195 posts
Dec 11th '07

Shelvin Bernard grew his wings and flew to heaven on October 31, 2007. My due date was March 13, 2008. I cannot wait to meet my little guy, but i no he is in great hands with his great grandpa, my grandmother, and god! I love you babes me and daddy both!

Danielle Sharise 2 kids; Illinois 8672 posts
Dec 11th '07

I want to cry reading this.

I had a miscarriage February February 11th 2007.
I don't know when I was due... I was only around 3-4 weeks.

I cry all the time about it... so does my boyfriend. Some people just don't understand & talk about it like it's nothing... but it bugs me.

R.I.P all the other babies that never really had a chance to live.
I know all of your mommies & daddies miss you!

niknrob Due January 17; 17 kids; Maryland 55 posts
Dec 12th '07

My Angel's day is December 10th, 2007, due to miscarriage.

Beloved Hope Wasilla, Alaska 43 posts
Dec 13th '07

My first Angel's birthday was September 5th 2004 (on his/her daddies b-day) and my due date was April 12th 2005. My second and third (twins)Angel's birthday was March 12th 2007, my due date was September 25th 2007. And myfourth Angel's birthday was today, December 13th 2007, my due date was July 16th 2008.

Mommy misses you all very much and knows that when the time is right God will send my Angels back to me.

Rhyker♥Reagan 82 kids; Montrose, Colorado 19594 posts
Dec 14th '07

My angel went to heaven on October 17, 2007, but the due date was June 17, 2008.

Sherlock Holmes 3 kids; 3 angel babies; United Kingdom 39658 posts
Dec 14th '07

my 2 angels went to heaven on the 13th of december 2007 at 1:12pm and 1:23pm my girls were due to be born 20th of april 2008

usagi 17 kids; Pennsylvania 12482 posts
Dec 16th '07

I delivered my son Jonathan Francis on October 19, 2006. We lost him due to a subclinical infection that caused my water to break when my pregnancy was just shy of 18 weeks. :cry: His due date was April 1, 2007.

jjames04 1 child; Virginia 2 posts
Dec 17th '07

I delivered my son Owen Paul on June 6, 2007. June 5, 2007 was his due date and that is the night we found out he had a cord accident. He was our first child. We are currently 10 weeks into our second pregnancy and it feels good to know we have a very special angel watching over us.

Angela ~ MommaDuby 33 kids; Texas 1870 posts
Dec 18th '07

June 22, 2007 my first angel got his/her wings. At my first ultrasound we found out there was no heartbeat(june 8 ) and my body went ito labor and delivered my baby into heaven on june 22. The doctor said that he/she got wings at 6 weeksbut I didn't deliver until 8 weeks.
Dec 13, 2007my baby boy Kasen Taylor Duby was born into heaven for unknown reasons. His due date was April 28, but I suppose God had bigger plans for my son and brought him to heaven early. The part that kills me is that during labor I could feel him kicking the whole time, but he was born sleeping. He was soo perfect! He was born at 20weeks 4days and he was 11oz and 9 1/2inches long. We are having his burial today and I already miss him soo much. It feels soo empty inside of me without him there. I just want to hold him once more and tell him that I love him and all will be ok. I was able to hold him for 30minutes before the doctors tookhim away and I would give anything to have him in my arms again. I miss you Kasen and will one daysee you again in heaven.
Goodbye my son...mommy loves you!

BabyKai07 1 child; California 11 posts
Dec 18th '07

My first angels birthday was July 10, 2006. It was the worst day in my life. My due date was Nov. 24. It was due to an incompetent cervix they say, I started bleeding and went to the emergency but waited 16 hours and still no one saw me so I just went home, that was on a Saturday and that Monday I went into labor and delivered him at 20 weeks.I really didn't realize you could have a miscarriage so late in your pregnancy, Ihonestly didn't think that's what was happening,if I had know I would have never left the hospital.

sarahjames 2 kids; Cambridge, Ontario 2164 posts
Dec 18th '07

My angelversary is December 25, 2006.