DulciusExAsperis Due April 27 (girl); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; United States 53 posts
Nov 26th '14

Samuel Josiah Ferguson ♥♥♡
Love you all the way to Jesus, son.
Sweet dreams ♡200ed62005845da876ac34ab22746676.png

Sybrina Bri Due June 23 (girl); 1 angel baby; Charlotte, North Carolina 15 posts
Dec 2nd '14

thanks so much its been a yr since i lost my Jasiyah @ 22weeks due to having IC Incompetent Cervix (soft cervix) it was my first pregnancy.. its not a day that goes by that i dont miss my little girl... hopefully i can bring my rainbow baby into this world with love and care..

♥ meow Due March 11; 1 child; Palm Bay, Florida 2368 posts
Dec 18th '14

Mackenzie was born into heaven at 25 weeks on November 26.

Felicity L L Due September 20; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Australia 30 posts
Jan 18th '15

My little angel baby was born into heaven 24/11/2014, due 30/06/2015.

I like to think she would have been a girl, so I named her Faith Louise <3

babe_666_ 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Adelaide, Australia 21446 posts
Mar 20th '15

Lost my precious Jett while being induced at 40+2, Emergency C-Section couldnt save him... we did get a heart beat after 18 mins so they put him on life support for us to be able to hold him before we allowed him to rest in heaven until we meet again. 
It was a difficult pregnancy and the one day I wasnt worried was the one day I should have been!!!

Just found out almost 1.5 years later I am newly expecting again, due in November. We announced it last night.. even though we are only in our 4th week because I have learned there is no 'safe period' in pregnancy so would like to celebrate now rather than wait to share. 

Much love goes out to all who have experienced miscarriage, still birth and neo natal death. xx

Tearsandfears2020 Due November 1; TTC since Aug 2010; 3 angel babies; United States 6 posts
Jan 21st '16

i have three angel baby's one was in august 2009 was early miscarriage like maybe 4 weeks. second was august 2010 was a honey moon baby . also was early miscarriage. last one was december 30th 2015 i was 14 weeks and some odd days. it said it passed because of complications from spotting. the first we think was a girl we named her lily grace second we thought was a boy and we named him charlie james. and last we believe was a boy we named theodore gabriel. they all have a place in our hearts. i broke down and cried at a restaurant today because i saw a little boy and all i could think of was our sons :(.