Your infant's world

Your infant's world
  • This new world is bright, blurry & makes me cry!

    Between your infant's huge heavy head, weak puny body, still-developing visual control and their inability to speak or comprehend language, as well as their newness to the entire life-on-Earth gig, they'll be easily frightened and frustrated... which means they'll be quick-to-cry for their early months.

  • Abstract concepts are beyond my baby brain

    Complex symbolic systems like time or language and even object permanence remains beyond your infant's grasp. The many objects in their life will be almost totally incomprehensible to your infant in their first months of life. Not until they gain the ability to grasp and manipulate objects with their hands, will these things start to become more understandable.

  • When I can't see you, I'm afraid you'll never return

    Because infants lack object permanence, when mama disappears from sight, they're likely to react as if you vanished forever. This may evoke an obviously distressed cry that can be translated as: "Where did mama go?! Come back now!!! I'm afraid to be alone because this world is confusing and overwhelming without you."

  • I know what really matters

    Mama's warm arms are the happiest safest place in the world. All your newborn wants is to know you'll be there for them when they're scared, frustrated or hurting. Breastfeeding will be every infant's instinctual anti-fear reaction - soothing, calming them to sleep with a full belly and some of mama's oxytocin making them snuggly and happy.


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