Interviewing potential doctors

Interviewing potential doctors

Below is a basic set of questions you can ask any potential doctor you're considering:

  • How often will I receive ultrasounds throughout pregnancy?
  • What is your annual C-section rate?
  • What are the most common reasons for C-section birth in your practice?
  • What are the three most common reasons you recommend a woman induce labor?
  • What are your induction rates?
  • What are your induction methods?
  • What forms of pain relief will you recommend during labor?
  • What are the chances you will be present when I give birth?
  • Do you perform episiotomies routinely?
  • How many have you performed in the past?
  • Can I walk around while I’m in labor?
  • Can I monitor my baby’s heart rate intermittently rather than constantly?
  • Can I choose my birthing position? (If I wanted, to squat or be on my hands and knees?)
  • Is there a time limit for labor & if labor slows can I return home?
  • Will you be cutting the cord immediately after birth or increasing my child’s iron intake by waiting until the cord quits pulsating?

Ideally, your doctor will answer all of these questions honestly and respectfully... and if they’re on the cutting edge of maternity care, their induction, c-section, episiotomy, and premature cord cutting rates will be much lower than the U.S. averages currently are.


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