You may want a home birth if...

You may want a home birth if...
  • You believe birth is a natural process the human female body evolved/is designed to capably do unfettered by technology, drugs or even hospitals.
  • You trust your body’s ability to labor & birth your child and recovery quickly in the postpartum phase.
  • You’re an independent thinker who does your own research.
  • You have a natural fascination with human anatomy and physiology.
  • You'd like to experience a natural labor and birth, avoiding drugs, IVs, EFMs, over-frequent vaginal examinations and strange hospital personnel
  • You become anxious in hospitals and/or have had previous traumatic hospital experiences and especially traumatic birth(s).

Opting for mid-wife directed prenatal care and a home birth means you can look forward to laboring and birthing in the familiar (and much lower cost!) comfort and privacy of your own home with far fewer tests or stressful interventions along the way.

Look for a midwife who is well-educated, experienced, willing to respectfully answer your questions and has a personality and values that gel well with your own.


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