When is a child too sick to go to daycare?

When is a child too sick to go to daycare?

Children in the daycare are attacked by various kinds of contagious diseases because they are always around others. Obviously parents want kids should be at home until they are declared non-contagious.

But, many diseases are so contiguous that they affect two to three days before they show relevant symptoms. And the problem is that by the time children are diagnosed with a particular disease he might have already spread the disease to other children who have come in touch with him. On top of that sometimes it's difficult to declare the condition as contiguous. For example, a rash could be an allergic reaction or symptoms of a disease, so it is the duty of parents and the staff of daycare to make sure the actual nature of the particular disease after consulting with doctors and the child should be allowed to mingle with other children when he is declared not contagious by doctor.

All most all the daycares put-up a list of rules and regulations for parents and caregiver in their center, but sometimes it creates confusion whether a child can join daycare or stay back home. Mr. David Geller, a pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital penne down some rules regarding when a child should be kept at home. All recommendations are according to the daycare and may differ from ours or doctor's perspective.

Children should be kept at home under following conditions:-

Signs of disease are irritability, tiredness, unrelenting crying, or problem of breathing and fever.

Respiratory illness such as bronchiolitis or influenza, but common cold can't be a reason to stay back.

If your child is diagnosed with Diarrhea which is not controlled by diapers or by regular usage of toilet need to stay back home.

The sign of viral or bacterial infection such as blood stool or mucus in stool need to see a doctor.

Avoid sending your child to day care if he is vomiting.

A rash must be addressed. You need to be sure whether the rash is because of some allergenic reaction of any kind of infection associated with fever or other kind of symptoms.

The most contiguous disease is chicken pox. Your children can be fit to join when all the sores are cured fully.

If your kid suffering from Impetigo he can be declared safe only after 24 hours of antibiotics.

Your child safe from Scabies once treated with an insecticide.

After 24 hours of antibiotics the most common eye problem Bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) and yellow discharge from eye are not infectious. But, day care does not allow children with this condition which they should because the condition might persist for a long time.

One more disease is strep throat which is again not infectious after 24 hours of antibiotics.

If your child is suffering from mouth sore, then doctor clearance is required before the child rejoin.

Children with head lice need to be treated properly before they join the day care center again.

In today's life it is not possible to have off from work but sometimes we cannot avoid the situation which arises because of the above conditions. Well, we can take some preventive measures to keep them away from infections, like regular hand wash and it must be practiced by daycare's staff and other kids in the center. One thing should be strictly implemented in the day care center, as well as in home, that hand wash must be done in some particular scenario like after cleaning or changing diapers, puffing noses. Hand wash is a must after cleaning any fluids like urine, stool, and phlegm and certainly before starting preparation for food.


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