Warning signs of a physical developmental delay

Warning signs of a physical developmental delay

As your baby would grow old, you would be mentally mapping his growth with other children that you have seen closely grow. Child pediatricians would advise parents that a child is an individual and there is no specific period where the child needs to do specific functions. A normal child will start crawling around six months. If he is overweight or weak he will start around eight months. But if he does not crawl at all or cannot sit properly with his first birthday approaching, he would be suffering from developmental delay.

What is developmental delay?

Child experts use the term developmental delay when your child does not meet the average milestone period that doctors chart out for growing babies. This is specially seen is babies that are premature in nature. Your baby might suffer from one problem like slow communication or combinations of conditions like poor communication and monitor skills. Your child would also suffer from learning things like doing toilet at the right place etc. As a mother if you sense an abnormal tendency it would be best to speak to his pediatrician and get to the root of the problem.

What are the possible warning signs that your baby is suffering from delay in development?

Below we have graded in average age, the possible symptoms that your baby is suffering from delay in physical development,

From birth to two months

By 8 weeks: Is not able to keep the head up and isn't very comfortable.

After 8 weeks: When you cradle your baby and rock him, your baby tries to push away from you. Sometimes he would stretch his back a lot.

Between 8 to 12 weeks: When you pick your baby up by his trunk, he is in discomfort and he sometimes crosses his leg. His face would also show discomfort.

From three to six months

By 12 weeks to 16 weeks: He would have problems handling or grasping toys.

By 12 weeks to 16 weeks : He would be uncomfortable to hold his head ,

By 16 weeks: He would not be able to co ordinate simple things and bring him to his mouth.

By 16 weeks: He would not be able not to co ordinate with his feet and stand firmly when he is made to stand.

After 16 weeks: When he would have a sudden fall or be startled he will throw out his hands legs out and begin crying.

After 16 weeks: He would have reflex of asymmetrical toning.

By 24 weeks: He would not be able to sit up or roll in other direction.

Between 7 months and 9 months

At 28 weeks: His motor skills are very poor. He is not able to sit properly or reach out to pick his favorite things.

By 28 weeks: He cannot stand properly.

By 36 weeks: He is not stable enough to sit independently.

9 months to 12 months

After 40 weeks: He cannot move properly.

At 1 year: He would not be able to crawl or stand up by himself without assistance.

Between 1 to 2 years

Your baby would not be able to walk properly and would fall down after sometimes.

He is growing rate is per year 2 inches.

At three years

He cannot grasp objects and there is poor coordination.

He cannot speak clearly.

He cannot walk properly.

You as a mother would suffer traumatic emotional condition, to see your baby suffer, but you need to be strong and encourage him in the development programs to help himself.


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