Pregnancy truth #3

Pregnancy truth #3

There is an ancient biological wisdom in your body that can guide you towards better health and greater happiness

We did not evolve into the intelligent multi-talented highly skilled species we are by sitting in cars ordering bags of greasy fast food en route to a couch-potato internet-addict home life. Nothing proves this more painfully than a raging case of heart burn or the development of gestational diabestes.

Our spectacular brains and bodies evolved outside in constant motion, hunting, exploring, climbing trees, eating fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, eggs, fresh game and drinking fresh water. There was no frozen food aisle, no fast-food lane, no tripple carmel lattes or big gulps ... of which chronic consumption even when you're not pregnant risks diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, celiac’s disease, IBS, depression and more -- all simple physiological reactions to the toxic nature of our modern food products and sedentary seat-addicted lifestyles.

At the point you become responsible for the creation of another human being, suddenly your health matters more than it ever has before. Eat pure living foods and live an active life and your body will reward you in spades, even beyond pregnancy.


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