There's hair everywhere!

There's hair everywhere!

If you've been feeling a bit like a pregnant Sasquatch these days - thanks to ALL of your hair being fuller, thicker, more plentiful and darker, don't worry, it's normal.

There are two basic reasons for this: 1) you're shedding much less hair than you usually do and 2) your body's hormones contribute to the way your body hair is growing right now - which is thick and luscious on your head... and unfortunately, everywhere else as well.

Before you start stocking up on razors and wax, you should know that this pregnancy hairiness will slowly return to normal after you've delivered your baby and your body gets all your postpartum hormones ironed out and on track by the third month.

WARNING: Once you're postpartum you may start losing handfuls of your pregnancy head hair in the shower. It's somewhat disturbing (and gross) just how much hair it is, but it's totally normal and nothing to worry about.


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