Soda, pop, coke, whatever you call it

Soda, pop,  coke, whatever you call it

We're not going to sugar-coat this one since it's dripping with it already, here's a reality check for those of you who're still on these popular sweetened drinks.

  • Calories and carbs and cellulite, oh MY!

    Even if you're not pregnant - this is what you (more or less) drink when you drink soda-pop. Don't imagine that liquid doesn't turn into a solid sort of gelatenous fat hidden somewhere gross like the back of your arm, because that's precisely what it does.

  • Hello? Oh, it's gestational diabetes calling.

    Drink soda on the regular and you're not just signing up for unsightly cellulite, you're screwing up your blood-sugar levels constantly and risking GD -- at a time when national rates are sky-rocketing. Don't be an idiot. Stop buying and drinking soda!

  • You're addicted.

    If you know the facts of how bad these bottled sugary drinks are for you and you're still wasting your money on them, you're in one of the most familiar addiction cycles of the western hemisphere: the blood sugar battle. Like quitting cigarettes, pregnancy is the ultimate time to change for the better - your child's life depends on it.

  • But water is so boring!

    If you love the carbonation, buy carbonated water! If you need flavor because water is "so boring" (when did having a drink require excitement, anyway?), add 20% fresh juice or just squeeze a lemon into it. Voila, a tasty carbonated drink that won't ruin your health!

  • Quit & get more awesome-sauce.

    Not only will you feel awesome because you'll lose fat and give your blood sugar levels a break (if you're not chowing down on tons of other sugary things), but quitting soda means you'll save money and stop supporting an industry that has increased obesity, diabetes - and a myriad of related health problems in millions of people addicted to that liquid sugar and its creepy chemical imitations. It's your choice.


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