Smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy

When you inhale combusting tobacco it delivers poisonous carbon monoxide directly into your blood stream – which crosses the placenta and enters your baby’s bloodstream.

In a nut shell: smoking while pregnant poisons your unborn child. The more you smoke, the greater the harm to your child - to the point of miscarriage, even.

Tales of fifties house wives being advised by their doctors to smoke throughout their pregnancy are a stark example of just how ignorant modern medical science was regarding pregnancy and fetal development. Not so long ago, doctors often believed the placenta was a barrier not the complex porous blood and nutrient exchange system it actually is.

Some of those poisoned babies born in the fifties did survive and lived with damaged organs; a great deal were born with dangerously low birth weights no thanks to chronic oxygen deprivation, as well as asthma and related health problems.

Be honest: there’s no excuse to continue smoking. Yes, it’s addictive and it won’t be easy, but the fact you’re reading this means you realize it’s time to face your addiction head-on and change for yourself and your child's sake.

Keep this in mind: You wouldn't blow cigarette smoke in a baby's face, so why would you choose to inject your own unborn child with poisonous carbon monoxide?


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