Signs of a good nanny

Signs of a good nanny

You are done with evaluation of all curriculum vitae and discussion with the best suitable applicants and you have also contacted all the references. Now, how can you decide which nanny is best suitable for your child?

According to Mary O'Connor, former president of the International Nanny Association, experience is the vital factor while selecting nannies; so, give preference to nannies with experience. Apart from this, safety training and qualification in early childhood development should be considered mandatory.

After picking up the best applicant keep her on observation for few days, call her when you are at home and keenly see whether she can fulfill her duties properly or not and off course, (pay her for work.) Have a look on the following points that will help you to assess the candidates-else you can take some steps for existing nanny.

You have hold up Mary Poppins in cases like:

Your baby gets cheered up mere by her look. Children seem waiting impatiently to have quality time with their nanny as she is gentle, warm and off course, not impatient. In case that attraction is from both sides then you can feel your luck got doubled.

Well, according to Toni Lewis an architect from Los Angeles, "I consider myself very lucky to have my nanny," She also says, "If she weren't my nanny, I could see being friends with her."

Your child feels so wonderful with her nanny that you will observe nonstop discussion about nanny from your child. Your caregiver may be doing everything right for your child, but your child will only know whether nanny is enjoying his company or not. Her affection towards your child will grow each day she is in his company.

Nanny gives innovative solution to different problems and team with you to find out the best for your baby. For example, when your child's paint got over, she will manage from your household supplies so that child continues with the art. She will come forward to be your help and advice if the child develops a habit of not sleeping.

It displays her commitment towards her job when your nanny come forward with the problem and also cooperates with you to have a common solution.

She always shows up on scheduled time. It shows that she is dependable if she always alert you beforehand about her unavailability for any urgent work, and she even help you to find an alternative caregiver for that period. She understands your needs and also goes by the terms and conditions of the contract.

According to Kirsi Tikka a professor from Port Washington, "My nanny was always there at our agreed-upon time," Moreover she says, "If she was sick, she let me know right away."

She always tries to remain connected with you. A dedicated nanny towards her work will always update you with day to day status by writing a note to you, submitting daily report or by managing time to meet you personally. She will keep in mind that you will be keen to know about your baby's development and also update you with small or big problem.

Your child will show up new songs and new words and also displays his innovative projects. The good nannies know about the child's curious nature and they encourage the same. They will try to answer your child's queries and also try to extract out the creative thing from your child. And, find out innovative techniques to educate new skill to your child.

Your baby's room should look hygienic, and so is you baby. Best care means good hygienic condition and sound health. If your nanny truly loves your child she will make sure that the area around the baby is neat and clean.

Mishaps are minimized. Kids will fall that is quite obvious, but an alert nanny can avoid this by being extra careful at home or out with your child, she has to take security as her main concern. Nanny will grasp your baby's hand tight when they cross the road and always be with your baby in the garden. Another thing to do is to keep the safety door of kitchen closed.

In case, your nanny needs to drive with your child- do have a test drive with her to analyze her skill on driving. You must be convinced that the car used by her should be in a good condition and she follows all the safety measures like buckling up your baby in the seat.


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