Signs of a good babysitter

Signs of a good babysitter

You might have appointed a babysitter after doing a lot of hard work- discussing with other parents and taking their recommendations and references. Now question arises - is it possible for you to know whether she is doing her work perfectly in your absence? The following signs will surely help you out:

Your child cheerfully welcomes her arrival

A little time is required by your baby to build a bond of love and trust with his sitter. Yet, it's true that the best caregiver is even not able to become a replacement of you or your spouse. Well, after spending some days together you will find a good bonding budding between them (but it doesn't imply that your child will be absolutely delighted right at the moment she enters.)

If you notice something like this- the reason may be either lack of warmth rand comfort required by your baby or may be their personalities haven't matched.

The sitter truly loves to be with your baby

Quite easily you will feel if your sitter loves to be with your child, even your baby would also sense her love. As such, he will be in the love and care of the babysitter as long as they will be together.

If she gives innovative solutions and co-operate with you in providing the best care for your baby

In cases when your baby don't like to be fed then if your sitter tries tricks such as dangling toys before him in order to make the feeding session exciting. Apart from this, if your kid goes out of control for any particular object, then your sitter will instantly find for some other object as a replacement that will work like magic.

In situations when she is unable to make your baby sleep, she will seek your advice. Asking for your advice and co-operating with you means she is serious about her job.

If she knows about the value of your time

Arriving on right time and to let you know- suppose she is arriving late are the signs of a careful babysitter. Moreover, she will inform you much in advance if she is unable to attend her job and she may also assist you in finding her substitute.

If the sitter always stay connected with you

A serious sitter will always take her job sincerely and will be in continuous touch with you and keep informing you by means of notes and sometimes through a daily report. In fact, if you miss out something then she will realize your desire to know everything and will keep you side by side in any kind of problems either small or big.

When you find your baby neat and clean

One's carefulness can be easily judged through her cleanliness. Certainly, you want your baby sitter to focus on your baby and not doing your home clean ups.Yet, she will clean the messes made by your child. Moreover, she would also clean and wash your toddler's hands and face every time they get dirty.

Your baby facing accidents quite rarely

Yes, it's natural to have few tumbles, yet with a good babysitter safety of the baby is the first priority both in and out of home. She will be careful while walking him on the road, during his play in the playground and check the gates for ensuring safety.

Though, your sitter always drives the baby outside, you may go with her once or twice to check her attitude outside your home. This will help you assure that she has a reliable car with a nicely installed car seat for your baby and she safely buckles up your baby each time she goes out.


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