Signs of a bad nanny

Signs of a bad nanny

Sometimes it's difficult for you to know whether the sitter is doing her assigned job properly or lacking. In order to find out the fact you have to do some investigation in the manner of a detective. Some parents take the help of surveillance equipments to find out the wrong part of their caregiver. Though, one can find out the wrong without taking any such extreme step.

You can be in trouble if following conditions occur:

Baby shows unhappiness and can became worried after seeing nanny. Nanny cannot take the place of Mom or Dad, nanny need to be loved as well as trusted by the baby. May be your child is not able to connect with the caregiver and may be nanny is not able to put on enough effort to make your child comfortable which your child needs to build up the relationship. As we all know, to have a right chemistry is important for a right relation. In case, if you sense some severe problem then do go through the different aspects of child abuse.

Your nanny may not openly discuss with you what they did the entire day. Now, you should know what your baby and nanny did in your absence and no part should remain secret for you. As soon as you are at home your curiosity will be to know the things that happened in your absence. If your caregiver is not coming forward with all that happened in the day, this means she hesitates to have conversation with you, or she doesn't want to reveal something. The English of your caregiver may be weak but she should be able to elaborate the entire day's activities of your child and on the other hand your caregiver will also realize why you are interested to know about it.

Your baby could be saved from many avoidable accidents. Children are prone to injuries so it is the duty of nanny to be with your baby all the time to avoid any kind of injuries. Your caregiver can leave for a while when the baby is sleeping or playing. Kids who just started learning to walk are more likely to get injured. In cases when you get injury marks in places like stomach, cheeks, ears or thighs you can suspect of some kind of abuse.

You might experience that nanny is not following your request. The child is being cared by both you and nanny therefore she should not project in a way that she knows about the baby then you do. Kirsi Tikka, a New York professor and mom shared her experience of her nanny that is she wanted that her baby should not be fed in fixed time but her nanny insisted the opposite and finally they have to say goodbye to each other.

Nanny seems to have different point of view regarding the way you are raising your baby. It's like a team consisting of you and the nanny. So any positive suggestion from her should be welcomed. It is important to honor this as she is the one who is spending time with your baby. The relationship will not go in long way if there are differences in views on basic things like food, sleep and safety.

Nanny not coming to work on time. Nanny who is not punctual can mess up your schedule. So, get someone who takes up the job seriously and also understands your requirements. Your nanny cannot be trusted if she is not able to justify her absence.

Your baby appears untidy and unclean regularly. If your caregiver can't do the basics properly, that means she is incapable laying out her duties towards the child.

Her fake stories don't sound true. You should never bear stealing, lying or betraying. To work a relationship with your nanny you should be able to trust her.


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