Signs of a bad babysitter

Signs of a bad babysitter

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make out whether the caregiver of your child is doing her assigned work properly or not. In order to find out you have to take certain scientific steps. There are many parents who even go to the extreme of renting some surveillance equipments if they feel something going wrong. Though, it can be easily told whether something is truly going wrong without taking such extreme steps.

Be ready to face troubles if you observe the following:

If your baby doesn't feel comfortable after seeing his sitter and feel nervous and reserved

It is never possible for a sitter to replace the position of Mom and Dad; still there should be a bond of trust and love between the baby and his sitter. It's possible that your child hasn't grown a bonding with the babysitter or the sitter is lacking the love and warmth that the child desires. It's well known that all human relationships require a perfect chemistry.

If the baby sitter appears mysterious regarding their whole day's activities

In no condition there should be any secret about the together spent time of the baby with his sitter. Obviously, you should be excited to know about your child's activities in your absence. If you find the caregiver not approaching you then it's sure either she lacks good communication skills or there is something that she wants to hide. In fact, a sitter with poor English should also be able to realize your eagerness and would express the good and bad related to your baby.

If your child frequently becomes victim of preventable accidents

Your sitter must be very careful towards your child and keep him under observation all the time in order to avoid his injuries. It's possible that your child has been left unattended while he was sleeping or playing.

Your sitter is not following your requests

As you and your sitter both are responsible for the care and attention of your child, so the superiority of your caregiver over you in matters related to your baby mustn't be tolerated.

If your sitter is often absent and late

With an inconsistent and careless sitter you may face many troubles. You must get someone who is known for her commitment towards job and would also consider your requirements. Regular delay and absence shows that she is not at all reliable.

If your child appears messy and dirty

When your sitter fails to look after the basic needs of your child then it's a clear sign that she is incapable of meeting the needs of your child.

Fake and false stories of your sitter

You should never bear someone having a habit of stealing, lying or deceiving. It is very important for you to have trust on your caregiver to continue a healthy relation.


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