Pregnancy truth #2

Pregnancy truth #2

Listen to and learn from your body

Pregnancy awakens a new unnerving level of body-awareness that many of us have never before felt. Suddenly every twinge and sensation has hidden meaning for which we’ll scour the internet as we attempt to make sense of our body’s strange adaptations to its tiny resident.

The answers are all there if you take the time to learn what's happening to your body. Study up on pregnancy and it's powerful impact on your brain, hormones, circulation, digestion, emotional state and even your sense of balance. Knowledge is truly power in this case -- especially in terms of preventable health issues.

Once you have a solid understanding of what your body is currently doing as a human pod, you can monitor and maintain your body simply by attending to it regularly.

  • Slow your breathing when you're stressed
  • Note your energy levels in the hour after you eat anything.
  • Look at your bowel movements.
  • Notice if your urine changes colors or begins to smell
  • Note when you have disturbed sleep patterns
  • Track skin changes or problems
  • Track cervical mucus and/or vaginal bleeding

After pregnancy is over, hold onto this newly awakened body-awareness and extend it to your child, it will serve you well in your quest for happiness and health throughout your life.


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