Resenting your newborn

Resenting your newborn

Some women report feelings of resentment and frustration with their newborn. This is a key symptom that can develop into full-blown post-partum depression, without additional support.

Typically resentment is reported from mothers with ongoing external life-stressors and/or a home environments where they receive little support from family essentially trapping them in a sleep-deprived state with her tiny-but unsupportive uncommunicative and highly needy newborn.

  • If you're resenting your newborn, ask for help

    This is not the time to be proud and silent. Ask for help from family and friends. Get someone to watch your baby so that you can get away for a few hours - if only to sleep, shower and feel slightly more sane.

  • It's normal to feel a bit of resentment at times

    Even for the mothers who're bonding perfectly with their little sleep-ruiner, there will be moments where you might silently wish you could "put them back in". Just realize the infancy phase tests your capacity for motherhood. Finding out how weak you are teaches you to be strong.

  • Even if you're strung out and sleep-deprived

    Make the effort to sit down and savor your newborn's smell, marvel at their perfect tininess (if only while breastfeeding) and remind yourself just how much they need your love to become healthy happy children.

  • Plan to take time for yourself

    Schedule in a part of your day to be alone doing something that relaxes you and makes you happy... whether that's a hot bath or a yoga session. Actively looking after your health and happiness will promote healing and ward off depression.


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