Pregnancy nausea

Pregnancy nausea
  • Around 50 - 80% of pregnant women experience nausea.

    For many women, this is the first tangible sign of their newly pregnant state as nausea can kick in as early as 6 weeks. It typically levels off and disappears completely by the 14th week, although an unlucky few may continue on in this state.

  • Doctors blame elevated estrogen and hCG levels for the nausea-demons.

    Estrogen increases your sensitivity to odors and hCG is directly correlated with raising and falling nausea levels and thought to stimulate the brain centers that are responsible for nausea and vomiting.

  • Because your unborn baby is extra vulnerable, you puke.

    It makes solid sense: your unborn child has little to no capacity to deal with many compounds that our adult bodies easily break down and digest. With elevated hCG, your nausea-to-puke mechanism can be easily triggered whenever you're exposed to the wrong foods (or even the wrong odors) for baby.

  • Eat slowly, smartly & don't skip breakfast.

    Nausea is generally worst in the morning as your hormones surge in reaction to waking. Eat simple non-processed foods in small portions, thoroughly chewing each bit and avoid anything with additional preservatives or chemicals. By keeping foods simple and pure, you're optimizing digestion for yourself and your unborn child and decreasing your need to puke.


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