The pregnancy connection

The pregnancy connection

If you haven’t thought too much about what it means that you’re currently “with child”, it’s critical to have this one simple principle in hand:

Everything you do has a direct impact on your child because they are physically connected to you ... the more you do something, the greater the impact.

Think about it: your child is connected to you physically via their placental transfusions of the contents of your blood into their body via the umbilical cord. They are inside your body right now living off your blood supply.

Oh, didn't you realize you were carrying a vampire baby?

Seriously though, he or she is directly dependent on your blood supply for life and sustenance... and what you carry in your blood is the story of your daily life choices.

The plot of your blood focuses a great deal on your eating and drinking habits and your emotions and muscular movement (or lack thereof). It’s also hopefully becoming a tale of vices surrendered and vitamins sought out, if only for your child’s utter dependence on your well-being at this point in their life.

If you haven't quite got the picture: your diet and lifestyle during this pregnancy will have far-reaching consequences that directly impact your child’s health and development now and once they enter the world.

Making life this stunningly complex and fragile requires sacrifice and an elevated awareness of your choices. Start making that connection and if you're addicted to harmful substances, bad relationships or other harmful behaviors, it's time to change your life.

Starting now.


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