Pregnancy clumsiness

Pregnancy clumsiness

If you’re feeling a bit off-kilter and thumb-tacular these days, you can blame it on your belly and hormones - again!

  • Gravity shifts.

    Sounds dramatic, eh? It's true! As your uterus expands and increases in volume, your center of gravity moves forward, which can throw even the most nimble of us for a loop until we adapt to our ever-shifting balance.

  • Belly-be-bop

    Then there's the physical fact of your belly taking up space it didn't used to. So you might end up a bit like a human bumper car in your kitchen. Not to worry, there are advantages! Namely resting drinks, tablets, plates and other items you can now perch easily on your belly rather than constantly using your arms!

  • Can't stop relaxin

    Finally, there's the ol' hormone blame-game. For this one, you can blame your loose joints and noodely pelvic bones on your now-increased relaxin levels - which prime your muscles, ligaments and joints to facilitate the dramatic shape-shifting your body undergoes during pregnancy and birth.


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