Preeclampsia risk & prevention

Preeclampsia risk & prevention
Who’s At Risk
  • Women who smoke or abuse drugs
  • Overweight women with bad diets
  • Sedentary women with bad diets
  • Women with asthma, kidney disease, IBS, or diabetes
  • Women with auto-immune diseases (lupus, arthritis)
  • Women with pre-existing blood pressure or heart issues
  • Women having multiples

Why you don’t want it: If untreated, premature labor may be triggered due to a compromised implantation causing the placenta to partially or completely detach (aka "placental abruption") from your uterine wall, which risks death for both mother and baby. This is why most doctors will recommend bed-rest and a planned C-section when preeclampsia is diagnosed.

Additionally, a recent study revealed that 12 year old children born to mothers who were preeclamptic had increased blood pressure and stress hormones relative to their peers.

Preeclampsia prevention (aka "how to create a strong heart"):
  • Stay active on a daily basis via yoga, swimming, walking Pilates, etc.
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet and drink loads of water
  • Lower stress levels with meditation, massage, yoga and/or therapy


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